Zombie Army 4 Dead War: 106 waves in Horde Mode

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You are the most prepared for a situation when you know enough about the situation to be confident with your decisions and know what to do to assist in a situation that could turn the tide in your favor. Be yourself, bring your best and then let the game decide the rest!

Ana & MissionIncredible complete 106.5 waves in Zombie Army Dead War !

Ana and MissionIncredible go 106 waves on the Zombie Army 4:Dead War map Caged Fear
Ana and MissionIncredible go 106 waves on the Zombie Army 4 Dead War map Caged Fear

Six Hours, Ten thousand eight hundred zombies perished in the 106 waves on horde mode in Zombie Army 4 Dead War.

It was just before the Easter weekend. Ana notifies me she wants to take a few days off around the Easter weekend. She asks me, “What are you going to do?” . I smirked on my end of the chat screen and said ” Taking off Friday and Monday ?” There was a very brief pause and then a simple statement from Ana. “Good”.

We were looking for a new game to conquer

I could tell Ana was in search of something new to play. We have played Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 3: Coop Survival, Borderlands 2, Game of the Year with the DLC’s, Zombie Army Trilogy and a handful of others. I seen where Zombie Army 4: Dead War was free of the Epic stranglehold, and it appeared on Steam. I decided to make the purchases of Zombie Army 4 Dead War, complete with season pass one. We have had this game about a month or so.

Zombie Army 4 Dead War – Types of Game play

In Rebellion’s Zombie Army 4 Dead War you have two basic playing modes, campaign and horde mode.

The campaign side of the house, in Zombie Army 4 Dead War, you can play with up to four players and it is chuck full of action and new types of “heavies” and a few other unique types of zombies to conquer. There is even a platinum buster for this game – play all chapters and levels of this game with a team of four people. The game is customizable. Play on easy, normal, hard or brutal. Play with 1, 2, 3 or 4 players worth of zombies.

The horde mode is a wave based style play where you see how far you can go. Even if you play horde mode on Easy setting with one-player’s worth of enemies, you are in for a bit of a work-out. The quirk in horde mode is, you do not get to start out with your favorite loadout of weapons. In horde mode, it’s totally random guns.

In Zombie Army 4 Dead War for the guns, there are four basic levels of a gun. A straight vanilla version, a version I, version II and version III of the weapon as well. In horde mode, the game drops a pair of guns in racks randomly. It’s luck of the draw and if I land a version III of one of my favorite weapons, you’ll hear a triumphant “YES !” from me.

One other thing to note is, if you play horde in coop mode, the loadouts are pretty standard. With horde solo, about any gun that you have purchased will be available in the gun racks. It was cool to play the solo horde side of the house after I had mastered many of them, allowing me to get a better chance at picking up a primo weapon to help eliminate zombies. Now that Ana and I have Zombie Army 4 Dead War season pass 2, the probability of me picking up a very good weapon out of a rack is decreased. Pro Tip: It’s simply better to play solo in coop area so the selection is a bit better.

The Zombie Army 4 Dead War Horde mode 106 wave unspoken strategy that just simply – worked.

When Ana and I started the incredible journey to wave 106, I stayed close to the area where we spawned into the game. I would knock the snipers down, help with eliminating the crawlers, the heavies and most of the officers and generals. Add in the Grenadiers and my plate was full. Ana stood in a cage and utilized the dozens of flame throwers at our disposal and was eliminating the zombies at a pretty significant pace – almost 3:1 what I was getting down. BUT, this Team strategy, although unannounced and planned worked like a champ. In this Zombie Army 4 Dead War game, we winged it, settled in and went far.

It’s one of those game sessions for the books. Unannounced, simple game play. No plans, free-style and keep alive. With 10,800 zombies destroyed it did not seem a whole lot when you are constantly moving, shooting and trying to cover each other’s back. The six hours of time flew by since we were so busy knocking a stream of zombies coming every wave.

I know people are going to ask – what is the highest any one that has gone in Zombie Army 4 Dead War, horde mode? Well, the database within Zombie Army 4 Dead War is already showing some signed of being manipulated. Let’s hope it does not get as bad as the Call of Duty MW3 database. That MW3 database was trashed.

I quickly went through 5300 records by hitting next, next next. I MIGHT have seen two entries ( not including ours) that might have been legit. One was 165 waves and the other was 100 waves. I didn’t scrutinize them to see if the data made sense. I guess Rebellion thinks “scores” are king over everything else, but in reality I think it’s how far have you gone?

On wave 106, Ana made a simple statement that can be seen in the screenshot above. I know she didn’t want to quit, but the six hours of game time was pushing the time well past midnight where she was. When she says she is tired, she is REALLY tired. She had a long day and I didn’t want to simply quit and not have the game register our incredible game score.

So I told her that we could simply stand in the middle and suicide. She quickly agreed. We managed to get through about 50% of the wave. We threw all our grenades out, planted all the mines and shot wildly at the horde that approached us. It looked like we were going to make it through the wave until a large swath of flame came from inside one of the cages. I tossed the 2 Divine grenades I had left and that helped a little.

Ana was knocking down the creepers and I was paying attention to the Flamer’s Flame throwing, attempting to shoot him in the head with a Thompson-III. Then in waltzed a Butcher and it knocked me down. Shortly after Ana was to my right and down as well. I held the space bar down to help end the session a little quicker. Game Over. Then it dawned on me – THIS was one heck of a game. I needed to capture the screenshot of the scores. We congratulated each other for an awesome game on Zombie Army 4 Dead War.

Score menu of the 106 waves completed on Zombie Army 4: Dead War, Horde Mode - Caged Fear
Score menu of the 106 waves completed on Zombie Army 4: Dead War, Horde Mode – Caged Fear

We’re bound to try this again one day

Off the cuff, Ana asks, so how many waves does this game go up to? Instantly, a thought popped into my head, and I knew she was happy with the 106 waves, but I think she knows we can go farther. But all the mechanics have to be in place. Guns, position, mindset and Fate has to be in our corner – along with a bit of luck.

As I type this on a Saturday afternoon, Ana has poked me and asked if I want to play a few rounds of horde. So, Let me get to that, and If need be, I will add some more to this post as time permits !

I do have to give a shout out to the Bush Business Furniture people. The ability to sit and stand during this never ending zombie action kept me comfortable in whether sitting or standing. It made a big difference. You can read about the desk I have in this post: Amazing Bush Business Furniture (missionincredible.org)

The Zombie Army 4 Dead War game is available on Steam. Visit the developers page here: Zombie Army 4: Dead War on Steam (steampowered.com)

Game on !