Forrest Fenn Autographed Books

The hoard of Forrest Fenn's Autographed books.

Forrest Fenn Autographed Books: The Thrill of the Chase, Too Far to Walk and Once Upon a While.

Forrest Fenn Autographed Books are under the SHOP area. I have taken photos of all books. They will be posted by Forrest Fenn’s birth date, time permitting.

Additional Forrest Fenn Books will be available shortly. Please be patient as we set up the shopping cart.

I have about 20 copies of Forrest Fenn autographed books. Forrest Fenn personally autographed these books, in early 2020. They were ordered through the Collected Works Bookstore in Santa Fe. Since the price was the same whether the book was autographed or not, I bought all autographed copies. But now, these autographs are worth a lot more.

It was late 2019. I decided to purchase three copies each of Forrest Fenn Books, The Thrill of the Chase, too far to walk and Once Upon a While. I kept one copy of the books and handed out the other two sets to people who were willing to aid in trying to find Forrest Fenn’s Treasure Chest.

In 2019, I was able to read Forrest Fenn’s books twice each in between other commitments. I watched a few key videos and learned as much as I could about Forrest Fenn, particularly about the words he liked to use. When COVID reared its ugly head I managed to get some research time in.

Just before the Christmas Holiday season of 2019, I was convinced Forrest Fenn hid the treasure some where near the Montana/Wyoming border. I just needed to get my thoughts in order, save up enough revenue to travel out west.

Before COVID hit, I mentioned The Thrill of the Chase to several people that I hang around with on occasion. Next visit, some asked me some questions about The Thrill of the Chase, what was it about, what was inside the Forrest Fenn treasure chest and more.

So I decided to recruit a few more people to help brainstorming The Thrill of the Chase. I just ordered three copies of each of Forrest Fenn’s autographed books, just before the Collected Works Bookstore had placed a limit on the number of autographed copies that could be purchased at one time. So over a few months I ended up ordering and receiving two signed copies of each of Forrest Fenn’s books, The Thrill of the Chase, too far to walk and Once Upon a While.

Requested 14 signed copies of Forrest Fenn Book, The Thrill of the Chase

After receiving these several smaller orders, I finally had to ask Collected Works Bookstore if there was a way to order a larger amount of these books. I told them that I preferred the autographed copies. My initial email was answered by Bernadette.

Bernadette at Collected Works Bookstore said she would have to ask, and get approval foe me to obtain more of the Forrest Fenn autographed books. I asked Bernadette if I could purchase a dozen or more autographed copies. A few days later I received an email through Bernadette that Forrest Fenn gave me the approval to order additional 12-14 autographed copies of his book, The Thrill of the Chase. And I took Bernadette’s advice and ordered, paid and received 14 more Forrest Fenn signed books.

Forrest Fenn approval for 14 autographed copies of The Thrill of the Chase
Forrest Fenn approval for 14 autographed copies of The Thrill of the Chase

At one time I had close to thirty copies, mostly of The Thrill of the Chase.

I am a person who thinks forward, some times, maybe too far. My intent was to purchase these Forrest Fenn autographed books so if something should happen to Forrest Fenn, the Forrest Fenn autographed books were sure to dry up and become unavailable. Not only that, if I ended up recruiting a few more people, I could have the Forrest Fenn books in hand and available to hand out as I wanted. Plus, I think it means more to a person when they receive an autographed book. Now, this investment may work out for me. It’s all about supply and demand.

So, since the inevitable has occurred, Jack Stuef found Forrest Fenn’s treasure, and shortly afterwards, sadly, Forrest Fenn passed away. The Thrill of The Chase was over. So I decided that I would start selling some of these Forrest Fenn autographed books. My goal in this endeavor is to offer them at a semi-reasonable price.

My plan is to use this revenue towards taking a trip to Spain (again), BUT this time, potentially bring two people in the family who have never been out of the United States. We will see how this post-COVID activity goes, and whether or not the two individuals can sync up some time that is not within the tourist season in Spain. Regardless, the revenue will be used for something important to me.

The Forrest Fenn Autographed Books, by Forrest (in 2020)

The hoard of Forrest Fenn's Autographed books.
The hoard of Forrest Fenn’s Autographed books.

The Forrest Fenn autographed books will go on sale

I don’t have a solid time frame to sell these Forrest Fenn autographed books, nor how many I want to sell. But, I thought it may be appropriate to have them up prior to the Anniversary of Forrest Fenn’s birthday. I will add a shopping cart onto this website and sell them from here. Be on the lookout for a SHOP link in the Main Menu.

Feedback? Leave us a note.
Feedback? Leave us a note.

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