Call of Duty World at War Der Reise Zombie Tips

Top tips for Call of Duty World at War Zombies Der Riese

My gaming partner Ana and I loaded up Call of Duty World at War. It’s a World War II themed game. It has a subgame called Nazi Zombies and that is the area where we have played the most. Today I looked at the number of zombies that were running ( yes, running full speed) up the stairs where we were camping on the catwalk. We had just started wave 24 and there seem to be hundreds of them coming. A quick thought passed through my mind wondering how we were going to make it through these waves with just two guns each and a limited amount of ammo.

We “perished” on wave 24. Our best game ever was back in 2017 or 2018 and we made it to wave 35 camped on that cat walk. I had to look up the number of zombies per wave that would be coming in COD WAW. I was kind of shocked to see the number of zombies per wave/round. Not only that, the health each zombie has increases, making it a little harder each wave to eliminate the zombies.

COD WAW number of Zombies per round with 2 players

Here is a chart of the number of zombies that are in each wave in Call of Duty World at War on the Der Riese map with TWO players:

Wave# zombies in wave   total dead zombieszombie health
17 zombies in round7 (dead zombies)150 points health
29 zombies in round(16 dead zombies)250 points health
315 zombies in round(31 dead zombies)350 points health
421 zombies in round(52 dead zombies)450 points health
527 zombies in round(79 dead zombies)550 points health
631 zombies in round(110 dead zombies)650 points health
732 zombies in round(142 dead zombies)750 points health
833 zombies in round(175 dead zombies)850 points health
934 zombies in round(209 dead zombies)950 points health
1042 zombies in round(251 dead zombies)1045 points health
1145 zombies in round(296 dead zombies)1149 points health
1249 zombies in round(345 dead zombies)1263 points health
1354 zombies in round(399 dead zombies)1389 points health
1459 zombies in round(458 dead zombies)1527 points health
1564 zombies in round(522 dead zombies)1679 points health
1670 zombies in round(592 dead zombies)1846 points health
1776 zombies in round(668 dead zombies)2030 points health
1882 zombies in round(750 dead zombies)2233 points health
1988 zombies in round(838 dead zombies)2456 points health
2096 zombies in round(934 dead zombies)2701 points health
21103 zombies in round(1037 dead zombies)2971 points health
22111 zombies in round(1148 dead zombies)3268 points health
23119 zombies in round(1267 dead zombies)3594 points health
24127 zombies in round(1394 dead zombies)3953 points health
25136 zombies in round(1530 dead zombies)4348 points health
26145 zombies in round(1675 dead zombies)4782 points health
27155 zombies in round(1830 dead zombies)5260 points health
28165 zombies in round(1995 dead zombies)5786 points health
29175 zombies in round(2170 dead zombies)6364 points health
30186 zombies in round(2356 dead zombies)7000 points health
31196 zombies in round(2552 dead zombies)7700 points health
32208 zombies in round(2760 dead zombies)8470 points health
33220 zombies in round(2980 dead zombies)9317 points health
34232 zombies in round(3212 dead zombies)10248 points health
35244 zombies in round(3456 dead zombies)11272 points health
36257 zombies in round(3713 dead zombies)12399 points health
37270 zombies in round(3983 dead zombies)13638 points health
38283 zombies in round(4266 dead zombies)15001 points health
39297 zombies in round(4563 dead zombies)16501 points health
40312 zombies in round(4875 dead zombies)18151 points health
THAT is a BOATLOAD of zombies after round 20 or so !

Need to know number of zombies per wave ?

Need other stats for other combos or other other maps and player numbers? Visit

Boils down to a good strategy

Learning to keep an eye on each others actions as you are shooting zombies. Here are some tips and strategies:

My top tips for Call of Duty World at War Zombies Der Riese

  1. Alternate shots

    This can be hard to accomplish but 2+ players shooting the same zombie can mean lost bullets. Try your best to have each player alternate their shots to keep the amount of bullets wasted down to a minimum. If there are hundreds of zombies coming, it is vital to use ammo sparingly. If you have a 3rd player, they could employ a heavy duty close quarters gun like the double barrel shot gun in case things get too close with the zombies. it will allow the primary 2 players to reload and once again assist in knocking down as many zombies as possible.

  2. A few Bullets can go a LONG way

    It is second nature to press the fire button until the zombie is down. BUT, almost always you have probably used TOO MANY bullets to take down that zombie. I try to shoot the zombies in the head 100% of the time. Typically 3 or 4 bullets is enough to knock down a zombie. Learning limit the bullets fired at a single zombie will pay BIG REWARDS, like having more ammo in the end and less reloads. It is VITAL to conserve ammo – you may not have the ability to run out and grab more ammo until the end of the round, so make those bullets count !

  3. Choices, Choices – Weapons of Call of Duty World at War Zombies Der Riese

    CoD WAW zombies wants you to believe that using a lot of you points playing box roulette is how it should be. I don’t like that box. MOST of the guns are at the mercy of you getting the Max Ammo drop. It is RISKY to have two weapons that have come out of the box, because one never knows when the COD WAW zombie game is going to award you with a Max Ammo drop. Not only that, you will spend thousands of dollars on the box, and may not come up with anything good. OR, you can buy two wall weapons. The two wall weapons I use are the Thompson and the FG42. I will use them as they are until wave 10-15, then when I have fast reload and a pocket full of cash, I will eventually put them in the Pack-A-Punch machine and have better damage for both weapons and an increased mag size on the MG42. If the Max Ammo does not drop and I am low on ammo, I have an option to buy ammo from the wall and not pray that the other player(s) can hold their own while you wait for the Max Ammo drop. Some will end up visiting the box and trading out that empty Pack-A-Punch weapon for something random. In the end, the logic you play is up to you. I suggest visiting a website that shows each weapon type and the damage they do whether a normal weapon or being Pack-A-Punched. Check out this page and see what the wall weapons have to offer over a weapon from the evil CoD WAW zombies random weapon box. The wall weapons like the Thompson, FG42, MP40 after being put into the the Pack-A-Punch machine, the damage they do will rival about any gun pulled out of the mystery box – minus the Wonder Waffle. TAKE A LOOK AT THIS CHART !!!!

  4. Reload, Reload, Reload

    Each one of the weapons have a reloading time. If you are camping and zombies are getting close to you, it may mean you are not reloading often enough. When there is even a slight lull, make sure you reload your weapons. Even if the gun only has a few bullets out of the magazine, it is best to get into the practice of reloading. It is CRUCIAL to have a perk that allows for quick reloads. Should you go down and were revived, you may need to gp back to the machine and purchase the quick reload once more. Reload, Reload, Reload !!!!!

  5. Taking risks only when necessary in CoD WAW zombies

    I suggest only taking a risk if absolutely necessary. To me risk is seeing the Max Ammo and you do not have a lot of ammo or you do not have a lot of points to buy ammo. Taking a risk has to play a big reward and have a high chance of success. I do not believe any other drops are worth the risk (carpenter, insta-kill, double points or Ka-Boom). What I mean is if there is a horde of zombies heading your way and you see a drop between you and them, it is best to leave it be and survive to another wave. Talk with your team and come up with a person that should take that risk if presented. Typically it is best if the host takes that risk since they would have the best chance in case there is a slight latency or a touch of lag.

  6. Monkeying around

    Monkeys are the GREAT distractors. The monkey in CoD WAW will allow a player to run out and obtain that Max Ammo drop. Just throw the monkey as far away from your team and in the opposite area where the Max Ammo is. It will make the trek to get the drop a lot easier. Additionally, if you look at the Call of Duty World at War number of zombies per wave chart above, you will see a reason monkeys will come in REAL HANDY. For example in CoD WAW, a player can have the Wonder Waffle gun. If you toss out a monkey when a hoard is close, the Wonder Waffle can knock down 20 of 24 zombies if they are tightly grouped. That will save everyone a lot of ammo. You need to knock them zombies down in groups of mass destruction, and the Monkey helps make that a possibility. Use them wisely, and when there is a HUGE horde headed your way, throw a Monkey and knock them down how ever you can.

  7. Zombie Kiting

    One player who has the patience and ability should try to kite or lead around the map a single zombie. When I kite a zombie, I make him follow me up the catwalk stairs, and I jump down and head back up the stairs once again. It allows me to keep a pretty good distance away from the zombie while the other team mate is visiting the box, upgrading weapons in the Pack- A-Punch machine or grabbing ammo. Once they are done, one player can take the zombie from you. That player needs to follow you up the stairs and be prepared to jump down when the zombie is at the top of the stairs. You simply jump through the window and run off.

Ok, I think that is about it. Should I think of more, I will add it to this post. Play on and enjoy the Call of Duty World at War Der Riese zombie map !

My Outside adventures on hold !

I will be getting some outside time real soon

This past year has been sort of crazy to say the least. The rampid COVID-19 doesn’t want to go away. I visit on a regular basis in hopes they will see a significant dip in the amount of new cases. Nothing too exciting – yet. If you don’t know about this map yet, it is pretty handy. You can even drill down into a state and see how things are going by county and even city. The link is here COVID Cases by Jurisdiction.

I talked with a Spanish doctor I know and she is all excited. She says the USA has stood up and offered a significant amount of money and effort in creating a new drug to help fight against COVID-19. Apparently there is only so many pills that can be made. And to top it off, if the pharmaceutical corporations involved push all in, they will be making this drug only which means other pharmaceutical corporations will need to step up to help balance the pharmaceutical needs across the world. It’s exciting times, lets hope this is a bell ringing cure and that people don’t play with viruses for a very long time. That is a political debate for another time.

I love the outdoors, in temperatures near or below 80 degrees F. Any hotter and it’s a race inside. I was pretty active trying to armchair a solve about Forrest Fenn’s treasure for the last year or so. It appears that some one from the eastern US side found that.

So since it is best not to go treasure seeking, I went ahead and created a treasure site called In there I am organizing the site as best as possible and researching the web for potentially viable treasure seeking adventures. I think I have found treasure tale that is mildly interesting, and the search area doesn’t seem to be that big. Problem is, it is not in the of Virginia. There ARE a few classic treasure seeking adventures within Virginia like the Beale Cipers and The Mosby’s treasure trove. Although these are great opportunities, the one that has caught my interest is a little more detailed . You know us treasure seekers. We don’t want to volunteer too much information.

Take advantage of the time spent at home

Since travel is limited I am forcing myself to complete a few tasks a day . I am sure many people have put something off and there the project, task or job sits. This is an excellent time to knock a few jobs off your self-inflicted “Honey-Do-This” list. Start small and keep a list .

Travelling ? make some plans, and tell someone

I need to formulate a plan for my boots on the ground adventures. I will be adding a list of necessities to bring with you if your planning some sort of treasure hunting adventure. The type of treasure hunting matters. Planning is everything, but your ability to carry all of the must haves may be limited. There are tons of things to think about. Here is an off the top of my head list of things you may need to think about:

  • The travel destination – Know as much about the area.
  • Treasure seekers may need to know the local and state laws along with federal laws. what are some of the private property owners in the area?
  • You choice of travel – This one may limit you ability to carry what you need. You could go by plane, car, train or other means.
  • Adventure to include knowing the culture.
  • Finding great food and a good place to stay that is safe and secure.
  • Adventure vs. the length of stay. You should try to plan enough time to enjoy the travel and not be in a rush. The day of travel and the day returning can be counted as travel days, if you manage to get anything exciting done during those days that is great !
  • Safety first. Make sure your choices of clothing, boots and outside apparel is sufficient for the climate you going to. You can go to several websites to research the daily average temperatures and the amount of precipitation they receive during the time you are traveling. Higher elevations can get REALLY COLD, even in the middle of Summer.
  • Tech-NO gadets. I always find myself over packing when it comes to electronics. I have some awesome camera equipment and I have to seriously ask myself, am I going to use, or have time to use this gear? If that gear stays home, I take the cell phone and a few battery packs instead so there is power in places where they be none. You may encounter areas in the wild where there is limited or no cell phone reception. It may be wise to invest in a good reliable handheld GPS unit.
  • Give your relatives or some one you are friends list your travel plans. They don’t have to be down right specific, but it is best if they are really close.
  • Travelling in pairs or more is great for safety reasons. The reasons for this are almost endless.
  • Wilderness necessities. Pack light, but bring the necessities. If a “what if” happens, the one time you use the item you will thank yourself many times for bringing it. Try to remember what is vital and what is nice to have. At a minimum I suggest adding a lightweight Life Straw water filtering device.

I will add more to this post when time permits. It’s getting late and I am up pretty early in the morning. Take care, be safe and enjoy your travels !

Waffle House waitresses work for hard earned tips !~


Waffle House offers good food, fast. But it comes with a price

it’s a stressful environment at times. Waffle House Waitresses and Waiter jobs are stressful and fast paced.

On a typical weekend, I arrive at a local Waffle House about 10 am in the morning. It is always hit or miss on how busy the location is. I quickly scan the parking lot to see how many cars are there as I pull in. I park, get inside and look for my favorite waitress. I spot her, as she drops off a load of dishes near the dishwasher, tells the staff that those are her dishes.

She then washes her hands, she goes around to the silverware area and grabs napkins, silverware and prepares a booth for another party. She smiles, introduces herself, and takes their drink order. She takes a deep breath, and is off to the races again. Take a moment to see what a Waffle House Waitress and Waiter does to make you happy.

If you have been to a Waffle House, one day make it a point to see at what length the waitresses and waiters have to go through during your short stay. Most arrive close to 7 am and their scheduled departure is near 2 pm, but they are typically out the door closer to or past 3 pm. Near the end of the scheduled shift they have to clean the place up and tally up their ticket books which is a tedious project in itself. But that is not all they do…..

Typically they clean off the tables for the next guest, they each are responsible for their own dishes. They have to wait in line and call their orders in to the cooks. They bring you your drinks and take your order. They have to refill the orange juice containers when needed, refill ice, scrub pre-wash and then run the dishes through a dishwasher.

They have to wash any plates that the cooks use, including the egg pans. The trash cans don’t empty themselves out, so that is one more task that is done. They have to take orders over the phone and have time to check people out and offer a smile and ask how their visit was.

As the day grinds on at the Waffle House, hopefully the tips they earn are sufficient for the day. As additional people enter and leave, the chaotic cycle happens over and over again. In some of the Waffle Houses I have eaten at, they have this down to a fine science. Other locations, it seems they have less enthusiasm as the tips aren’t the greatest and the potential thought process is that why hurry when the reward for stellar performance is not going to be there in the end.

The waitresses and waiters won’t mention a thing about how much they get paid per hour. Its against the Waffle House policy. But if you are like me, you can find out anything by typing about it in your favorite search engine.

What DO Waffle House Waitresses and Waiters make per hour? Thinking about an entry level job, and have plenty of energy, with a flexible schedule? How pleasing is this job ? Remember, this depends on the area in which they are employed. Some locations are more generous and managed differently than others in my opinion.

My Point is….. Tip the hard working Waitresses and Waiters at Waffle House !

In MY opinion, the ladies that I know that work at different Waffle Houses as Waitresses are underpaid, over worked and not tipped well. Like I said above, take that moment to pay attention how much activity these waitresses and waiters do in order to get a few extra dollars in tips. Tips are the livelihood of their job. Show the Waffle House waitresses and waiters some love and offer them a decent tip once in a while.