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Bush Business Furniture sit / stand desks. One of the best solutions to keep me productive everyday.

IMO, Bush Business Furniture is one of the best desk and office solutions out there.

Let’s reel back to March 17th, 2020. My day time boss walked up to me and told me to make preparations to telework from home due to COVID-19. I knew it was coming. I had visited Bush Business Furniture online in advance. It was not that big of a deal. So, the initial phase went well. Working from home has it’s ups and downs, and we are about ready to talk about that.

I was sitting at my well kept, sit down style Bush Business Furniture desk that I had for decades. I initially bought the BBF desk back in the late 1990’s. We just recently moved into a townhome that offered a fourth bedroom that I could use as a home office and set up a desk, the newly acquired internet service and place all of the memorabilia on custom made shelving.

So in April 2020, I am doing my due diligence, working from home and the back stiffness is getting to me. I reminded myself that at the workplace, I noticed they went to stand sit desks, and I was one of the first to waltz into the main office and ask what the possibilities were to get one of those desks. All I had to do was relocate to another area and one of them was mine. NO big deal. Done.

So, in late May 2020. I started researching the Stand/Sit desk options out there. But the past was haunting me in a way that is difficult to put into words. I was looking to replace a perfectly good, well made desk for another that may or may not equal the absolutely outstanding quality this 30 year old Bush Business desk has provided.


So, In the first week of June, I decided I needed a change. I felt I owed something to the Bush Business Furniture Team that made this great desk. I decided to hunt for an email address and letting them know what I had and that I needed a change. I was surprised to see an initial response so quickly. The BBF Team offered me a coupon and a “Thank You” for being a loyal customer. I thought, OK, that is something and I started looking at their new style desks. I looked at their competitors as well. One of the competitors had a sit/stand desk that was “L” shaped and it came in black and other colors. I would take a few days to make up my mind.

Bush Business Furniture professionalism and great communication

The Bush Business Furniture Team emailed me again. They said they passed my email to the BBF upper management and would like to thank me for my 22 years of military service and being a loyal BBF owner. They gave me a special discount on top of the email and I was simply floored at the discount. I didn’t know what to say – for once, I thought to myself, this is how it can feel on the other side of the fence. I personally have given tens of thousands of dollars of items to local charities and do my part – while I still can to help select organizations and individuals when I can. I quickly wrote the BBF Team and ordered the desk.

A gentle reminder – the United States and the rest of the world are going through a crisis . Through an innocent thank you to Bush Business Furniture, I was given one heck of an opportunity, to obtain one of their state of the art sit/stand desks at a fraction of the cost. The communication lines with the BBF Team was perfect, they offered me as much information as I needed and every step of the way, I was guided when needed.

I was told that the Bush Business furniture operations was limited, and that many places were ordering desks to help with people with remote work and teleworking, that they had limited stock. I told the BBF Team that I would wait, and I gave them my order preferences and asked that they ship the desk when possible, that I was in no immediate hurry.

Before I knew it, the new sit/stand Bush Business Furniture desk was here. I was in a mindful state some where between overly appreciative for the new sit/stand desk and the many, many years of outstanding service the Bush sit down desk provided me and a sad state that change was absolutely necessary. My son came down to my home office area and asked when I would like to replace the desk. I simply told him I didn’t know, that I needed a little time in order to get my mind clear and come up with a plan to transition from one Bush desk to another.

So the next day, I decided to proceed with the exchange. My son and I carefully took the Bush sit down style desk apart, and we carried it out to the garage. I have to admit that it was placed in an area that if needed, it could have stayed there for a lengthy period of time. The next day when I was out in the garage working on a wood project, a white van slows to a stop, beeps a horn and out comes one of my daughters. She said, “Since I was in the area and I seen you outside, I thought I would stop in and say Hi”. We chatted for a little while as I moved some things around in the garage. She spotted the Bush sit down desk and said “hey, dad what is up with this desk? Isn’t this the one you had downstairs in your office? I said, yep, I needed to make a change, It was necessary for me to have a sit/stand desk. My back is not in the best of shape. She countered, wow you have had that desk for quite some time right? I told her the story about the rented townhome and the 4th bedroom used as an office and she said – Wow, that is right, you have had that desk for a long time. Yeah, I know.

So immediately as my daughter does do, is see an opportunity and asks, So, dad, my husband’s desk is in shambles I was wondering if it would be possible to….. I said, Take it, It is a way better solution that it sitting in a garage or eventually being thrown to the street to be picked up by the city or given to some one that may not take care of it. I said there was one catch though – if they decided to get rid of the desk, that they’d le me know so I could reflect one more time how much I really enjoyed that Bush desk.

That evening, my son and I put together the new Bush Brand Furniture sit/stand desk. I ended up positioning everything as needed and there was plenty of room for the web server, a CCTV security setup, a laptop, two mouse pads a telephone and a caller ID device.

Bush Business Furniture sit /  stand desks. One of the best solutions to keep me productive everyday.
Bush Business Furniture sit / stand desks. One of the best solutions to keep me productive everyday. The BBF desk measures 72 inches by 30 inches and comes in a wide variety of colors, and several different color leg colors as well.
Give them a call at 1-866-244-3355, tell them MI sent you.

Another one of these desks may be purchased soon !

One of the “additional night time home based jobs” I do requires me to do things which can be quite time consuming. I currently have a six foot conference table in an alternate location and when I go there, I find myself facing the situation where I don’t believe I want to to sit down for long periods of time, thus the management of time is lost when I decide not to sit for lengthy periods, so I pass on the opportunity to make progress on a plan I have to be invoked a few years from now. So, I emailed the Bush Business Furniture Team today and told them I want to purchase another desk and what the current status was on desks being available, since we are still dealing with the COVID crisis in 2021.

As soon as I have an answer, I will share the experience with you all. I cannot say enough good things about the BBF experience. I look forward to purchasing a new sit/stand desk from them in the very near future.

I am a gamer by heart. I need to stand on occasion when gaming and feel comfortable doing so. The desk definitely assisted in helping me work with my gaming team mate Ana complete 106 waves in Zombie Army 4, Horde Mode. You can red about that jaw-dropping feat here: 106 waves in Zombie Army 4 Dead War: Horde Mode – MissionIncredible.org

Visit the Bush Business Furniture website today.

Take it from some one who has had over 30 years of experience with the BBF name. In my opinion, hands down this business is about quality products. Please visit the Bush Business Furniture link below. And if you make an order, just let them know, that Mission Incredible sent you.

Bush Business Furniture: Commercial Office Furniture

For the remote work / teleworking crew, you deserve the best !


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Good Luck ! I hope you make the plunge. I was glad I did.