too far to walk – Red Blocks where a chapter starts

Select Chapters have a unique Red Block for the first letter

In too far to walk, you remember those 10 red square letters that show up randomly in some of the chapters, for the beginning letter?

They are;
Chap 4 Page 16 “I”
Chap 8 Page 42 “O” – no FF stamp at end of story
Chap 15 Page 71 “I”
Chap 20 Page 96 “I”
Chap 22 Page 107 “O”
Chap 26 page 128 “A”
Chap 30 Page 152 “S”
Chap 31 Page 161 “I”
Chap 41 Page 223 “R”
MAP Page 247? “S”

that gives us I O I I O A S I R S

Opera related? Guess what it IS mentioned in too far to walk !

It could be……. ARIOSO’S III – It’s an opera thing.

Hints at what Arioso III is all about…

Book reveals some about an Arioso’s III

Arioso the definition

In classical music, arioso is a type of solo vocal piece, usually occurring in an opera or oratorio, falling somewhere between recitative and aria in style. Literally, arioso means airy. The term arose in the 16th century along with the aforementioned styles and monody. It is commonly confused with recitativo accompagnato. Arioso is similar to recitative due to its unrestrained structure and inflexions, close to those of speech. It differs however in its rhythm. Arioso is similar to aria in its melodic form, both being closer to singing than recitative; however they differ in form, arioso generally not resorting to the process of repetition. At the start of the finale in the first act of Mozart’s The Magic Flute, the andante of the priest “Sobald dich führt der Freundschaft Hand ins Heiligtum zum ew’gen Band” is an example of arioso. “Amor ti vieta”, sung by Loris at Giordano’s Fedora could be a modern arioso example. One of the most famous ariosos was composed by Johann Sebastian Bach, and serves as the sinfonia of his cantata, Ich steh mit einem Fuß im Grabe, BWV 156, as well as the middle movement of the Harpsichord Concerto, BWV 1056.

In too far to walk – go to page 198

Here is a snippet;

I crossed my legs and told him that his argument reminded me
of the lady in the opera who gets stabbed in the chest but instead
of bleeding, she sings an aria.
I guessed he wasn’t laughing. It went
on – and I finally lost to the big city hustle and a few last words that
I didn’t have time to look up.

Now the question is….

So the question is…. Does this chapter describe more than the common eye can see? Does it lay out the general location where to start looking for the treasure chest? Does it whisper the secret location where all things within the forest grown in one locale only? Fell free to leave a comment.