Forrest Fenn Cody Interview 2006

Snippets from the Forrest Fenn Buffalo Bill Historical Society In Cody, Montana

The weather is getting a weee bit cool here. At nights I am focusing on several Forrest Fenn related interviews that occurred from 2006 to 2010 or so. The Cody interview was taped on October 17th, 2006.

The Cody interview, some contradictory areas

This interview is contradictory in one area so far. Its when Forrest Fenn states about his sumers spent in Yellowstone and West Yellowstone. The Cody interview is here my point is to listen from the four minutes and fifty second(4:50) to about the five minute and fifty second mark (5;50). I included the words below.

Lewis and Clark as a … Lumberjack ?

Forrest Fenn states; ” I was a Lumberjack when I think I was 16, spent the summer out in the bush cutting Lodge Pole Pines with two other guys. We had nothing, our rule was we were going to be Lewis and Clark. So we could take three candy bars for three months. We had a sleeping bag, we didn’t have tents. We had equipment to fell trees, then we had to peel them, skin’em. I remember those summer thunderstorms in Montana – – Cold. “

Reading The Thrill of the Chase several times, I quickly paused this video the first time I listened to it and replayed it several times in the 5 minute to 6 minute time frame trying to determine what Forrest was trying to say here. What I mean is, what is the truth to the matter? If in the Cody interview, which supposedly happened way before The Thrill of the Chase was released, Forrest Fenn comes out and says he was “Lewis and Clark” with two other guys. In The Thrill of the Chase, Forrest writes about the Lewis and Clark adventure with Donnie Joe, and how they headed up into the mountains North of Hebgen Lake.

Locating the contradictory statements

If you read The Thrill of the Chase, and pay attention to what Forrest Fenn has written, you will find that there is a lot of contradictions in the book. I definitely need to sit down with the book and go chapter by chapter and see which statements are truly contradictory. Then I plan to eliminate them. How am I going to do this?

I have already scanned in my copy of The Thrill of the Chase. I will make a second copy and then with the software that came with the scanner, it allows me to highlight the text in yellow, and every time I find a contradiction, I am going to highlight it.

The phrase – ” Two people can keep a secret, if one of them is dead”

Forrest Fenn is real smart. He has these stories surrounding him, but most of the people he writes about have passed away – minus his immediate family. That is where the phrase comes into play ” Two people can keep a secret, if one of them is dead”. Forrest Fenn can then “Embellish” as needed to twist the story/plot to support his needs. I am not saying that everything in The Thrill of the Chase is contradictory, but I think by eliminating what is suspect, the truth may show me the way.

One other area that is suspect in the Cody interview is Forrest Fenn’s participation in a community college playing basketball, because he loved sports. So Forrest went to a college to play basketball and did not attend very many classes. In the Thrill of the Chase, the only area that is even close to a college are the few days he spent with his buddies at the military school. I will dive deeper into this area as soon as I can.

I will attempt to update this post when time permits.