Where to Buy Forrest Fenn Books – The Thrill of the Chase and more

Where to buy Forrest Fenn’s book The Thrill of the Chase and his other books

This is THE place to buy Forrest Fenn publications. To me its far cheaper and I was told over the phone, even though it says they are not in stock, they always have them in stock.

Forrest Fenn memoir The Thrill of the Chase
Forrest Fenn memoir The Thrill of the Chase

The Thrill of the Chase (Hardcover) By Forrest Fenn
ISBN: 9780967091785

too far to walk by forrest fenn
too far to walk by forrest fenn

Too Far To Walk (Hardcover)
By Forrest Fenn
ISBN: 9780967091792

Don’t forget about the third and final Forrest Fenn memoir, Once Upon a While !

Once Upon a While by Forrest Fenn. Purchase this at the Collected Works bookstore.
Once Upon a While by Forrest Fenn. Purchase this at the Collected Works bookstore.

To get order updates, call the Collected Works Bookstore and Coffee shop Monday through Friday and ask for the shipping team. They open after 10 am Mountain Time. The number is (505) – 988 – 4226.

Waffle House waitresses work for hard earned tips !~


Waffle House offers good food, fast. But it comes with a price

it’s a stressful environment at times. Waffle House Waitresses and Waiter jobs are stressful and fast paced.

On a typical weekend, I arrive at a local Waffle House about 10 am in the morning. It is always hit or miss on how busy the location is. I quickly scan the parking lot to see how many cars are there as I pull in. I park, get inside and look for my favorite waitress. I spot her, as she drops off a load of dishes near the dishwasher, tells the staff that those are her dishes.

She then washes her hands, she goes around to the silverware area and grabs napkins, silverware and prepares a booth for another party. She smiles, introduces herself, and takes their drink order. She takes a deep breath, and is off to the races again. Take a moment to see what a Waffle House Waitress and Waiter does to make you happy.

If you have been to a Waffle House, one day make it a point to see at what length the waitresses and waiters have to go through during your short stay. Most arrive close to 7 am and their scheduled departure is near 2 pm, but they are typically out the door closer to or past 3 pm. Near the end of the scheduled shift they have to clean the place up and tally up their ticket books which is a tedious project in itself. But that is not all they do…..

Typically they clean off the tables for the next guest, they each are responsible for their own dishes. They have to wait in line and call their orders in to the cooks. They bring you your drinks and take your order. They have to refill the orange juice containers when needed, refill ice, scrub pre-wash and then run the dishes through a dishwasher.

They have to wash any plates that the cooks use, including the egg pans. The trash cans don’t empty themselves out, so that is one more task that is done. They have to take orders over the phone and have time to check people out and offer a smile and ask how their visit was.

As the day grinds on at the Waffle House, hopefully the tips they earn are sufficient for the day. As additional people enter and leave, the chaotic cycle happens over and over again. In some of the Waffle Houses I have eaten at, they have this down to a fine science. Other locations, it seems they have less enthusiasm as the tips aren’t the greatest and the potential thought process is that why hurry when the reward for stellar performance is not going to be there in the end.

The waitresses and waiters won’t mention a thing about how much they get paid per hour. Its against the Waffle House policy. But if you are like me, you can find out anything by typing about it in your favorite search engine.

What DO Waffle House Waitresses and Waiters make per hour? Thinking about an entry level job, and have plenty of energy, with a flexible schedule? How pleasing is this job ? Remember, this depends on the area in which they are employed. Some locations are more generous and managed differently than others in my opinion.

My Point is….. Tip the hard working Waitresses and Waiters at Waffle House !

In MY opinion, the ladies that I know that work at different Waffle Houses as Waitresses are underpaid, over worked and not tipped well. Like I said above, take that moment to pay attention how much activity these waitresses and waiters do in order to get a few extra dollars in tips. Tips are the livelihood of their job. Show the Waffle House waitresses and waiters some love and offer them a decent tip once in a while.

Visit to Cherry Springs Dark Park to see the stars !

A few years ago, I decided to take a trip into the North center of pennsylvania to Cherry Springs State park. Its a dark park, meaning it is an ideal location where man made light is a a minimum.

My son, his girlfriend and I decided to take a 3 day trip to Cherry Springs and have a look at the stars in epic form. I brought a telescope, a lot of camera gear and clothing. We went to Cherry Springs over the 4th of July weekend. The days were in the mid 80’s and it was comfortable. The nights dipped down to the mid 40’s and it was a bit chilly.

I ended up staying up all night and took over 750 photographs. A lot of them I managed to thread together and put up a video on youtube showing the amazing photographs shot through a thin layer of clouds. For most of the night, it was partly cloudy, but a few hours before daylight, it turned clear and I could focus on some wide lens photography.

Here is the video I did taking photographs of the stars at Cherry Springs State park by Mission Incredible.

my adventures at Cherry Springs State Park. One of the certified dark parks to photograph massive amounts of stars !

FREE version of Journal of a Trapper by Osborne Russell

Download the free version from Google

A FREE version of Journal of a Trapper by Osborne Russell. This is a log book or a journey through time where Osborne Russell allows some insight into his travels within the Rocky Mountains as a trapper. It is a very good book to read if you want to understand the hardships people had to endure when they were first to travel to the western United States.

I have found a good link to download a copy of the “Journal of a Trapper” by Osborne Russell.

Its a live link from Google. It is the PDF version. Journal of a Trapper Nine years in the Rocky Mountains 1834 -1843 by Osborne Russell.

Download Journal of a Trapper – the free version https://ia800208.us.archive.org/31/items/journalatrapper00yorkgoog/journalatrapper00yorkgoog.pdf

Forrest Fenn read Journal of a Trapper many times.

The Journal of a Trapper had to be important. In The Thrill of the Chase under the Looking for Lewis and Clark Chapter, Forrest Fenn said:

A few years later, when I was sixteen, I read a book titled
/Journal of a Trapper by Osborne Russell, who travelled
along the Madison River in 1835, just outside of west
Yellowstone where Hebgen Lake is now. Russell, along with a few
of Jim Bridger’s trappers, was attacked by eighty Blackfeet Indians
near where Hebgen Dam would be built nearly a century later. After
a brief flght, Russell escaped west toward Stinking Creek.

When closing the Looking for Lewis and Clark chapter Forrest Fenn wrote:

Over the years I’ve read Journal of a Trapper a dozen times,
and always with a deeper appreciation for who Osborne Russell
was and what he did. The mountains continue to beckon to me.
They always will.

Although Journal of a Trapper may be a bit hard to read at times, you can find locations on a modern day map that pinpoints where Osborne Russell actually visited. As a matter of fact, on Forrest Fenn’s own website, he posts ” google Osborne Russell, google Hebgen Lake. That entry can be found HERE. Note that on July of 2019, the pages located on the resource site have changed dramatically.

BUT WAIT ! If the chapter name is “Looking for Lewis and Clark” why are we centering our attention around Osborne Russell and Hebgen Lake ? Make me wonder…

Happy Reading !

Originally Posted on March 28, 2019