The Thrill of the Chase- A part of a video game?

Is The Thrill of the chase part of a video game ?

The Thrill of The Chase is either a Calling or an Omen…

So last night I lit off Steam and seen a friend playing Dying Light. He is just starting with “The Following” campaign and I decided to join his game, offer some tool of the trade, suggestions and answer any questions he may have.

We’re finishing up our third quest and he goes back to the farm house area to speak with an elder. I comically jump on the back of the farm hand and then the friend turns in his quest and grabs another. This small cut scene starts…

Is The Thrill of the chase part of a video game ?
Is The Thrill of the chase part of a video game ?

My eyes caught the pop up box to the middle right almost immediately and I snapped a screenshot. All I could do is simply shake my head and smile. The quest in this video game is some what like Forrest Fenn’s The Thrill of the Chase. You have to go find a cache of weapons which may aid in the game.

Sure, The Thrill of the Chase can be applied to many facets in life, it is all about how you label something. You name it something that is “appropriate” for your mindset. Then you can focus on that quest and probably have a successful ending.

I have a friend down south of my location and I shared this photo with her. All she could say is “WOW !” I am trying to get her to become a search partner, if anything, just the armchair type. For those that I appreciate and elect, I am one that does not mind sharing some of the spoils that I have, and may have in the near future.

So this is just another way for some unknown force to put me back on the tracks and start to focus on my search area once again. I want to narrow down this location a little more before the Fall of 2020 so I have less distractions when I am boots on the ground.

Just a wild encounter that I thought I would share with the general crowd who surf here.