Home Front The Revolution – Burnt Offerings

Homefront the Revolution Resistance Mode Burnt offerings in 5.5 minutes

Home Front The Revolution – Burnt Offerings, which is a Resistance mode play (basically Coop Survival) offers more than charred materials. Its a very quick way to get some coop survival play in, Burnt offerings is the one I can play over and over, gaining about $2000 in credits and when I needed Experience points, I would end up some where between 750 to 1050 xp per mission.

And the good news is, you can complete this mission on Easy, and get it done in under 6 minutes. Worse case scenario, it could take you 10 to 12 minutes. In any event, Its all about cash and XP in this game.

I have a few videos up of how to do Burnt Offerings on Easy, Burnt Offerings on Normal and Burnt Offerings on Hard.

Its the same tactic on all three levels. The problem with the “hard” difficulty is that a Goliath will show up and make it difficult to kill the last 3 gas containers. Honestly, for me, I would rather run Burnt Offerings on easy twice and not have to use up any explosives than to throw 4-7 bombs on the Hard difficulty.

It has that smooth game play like Mw3, but Homefront the Revolution coop missions are much shorter in duration. The Coop Survival missions can have up to Four players and as you have seen above, three different levels of difficulty. For those needing a coop survival quick fix, this might be your cure.