A FREE version of Journal of a Trapper by Osborne Russell

A FREE version of Journal of a Trapper by Osborne Russell

I have found a good link to download a copy of the “Journal of a Trapper” by Osborne Russel. Its a live link from Google. It is the PDF version.

Journal of a Trapper

Nine years in the Rocky Mountains

1834 -1843

by Osborne Russell

Download the free version


Happy Reading !

My outlook on The Thrill of the Chase

Forrest Fenn's Treasure Chest and the Epic loot we will be searching for Starting in January 2019.

I think I have a pretty decent head on my shoulders. I think I am smart and I have lived a life where I am semi-comfortable with the way things are. When I decided to get off my keister and go overseas to Europe on my own accord, traveling solo to experience the cultures, sights, people and places I realized that I want to do this traveling thing again some time – soon.

I have had a few accidental run-in’s with the Forrest Fenn and the treasure chest over the past nine years and I have told myself – like many others have in the past – that this is something I can attempt to do with an open mind. There are other posts on here that explain the “accidental run in’s” with Forrest Fenn.

Got Analytics?

Listen, I working in a high paced field, I have to analyze a lot of information in a relatively short time. So, this should come second nature to me. EXCEPT, The Thrill of the Chase doesn’t offer a clear cut methodical approach to an end. I don’t have the assistance of the tools we use on a daily basis and the online websites which can back up the potential prognosis of what I have in front of me. Analytics are fun, it chases down something in the end, most of the time.

So, The Thrill of the Chase will offer scant information at first and hopefully I will be able to see if I can follow that to an end. Time will tell.

I am a PC gamer as well as one that likes to travel. I was in the US Navy for 22 years and I seen many an overseas port. Back then, my only thought ( I don’t like using wishes) was that it could be a much better experience if I didn’t have a time restriction or military rules set by the ship that I had to follow.

Here is my YouTube Channel:

Mission Incredible YouTube Channel

Life can come not quite as desired, or expected.

Having raised three children by myself. My wife passed due to an overly aggressive cervical cancer. Let’s just say it is water under the bridge. But, it did put a damper on my ability to think too far forward as the daily routine would change in a moments notice. Now that most of the flock has departed and the abode is occupied by only a few, I have no ties holding me back – except the job I currently hold ( which offers a decent amount of vacation time). Once I decide to retire, I want to be able to travel and see whatever sights I can.  Currently, I am planning on getting the more expensive ones out of the way while I am still employed, and then the other travel opportunities in the bucket list are more manageable.

Here is the link to my Valencia Spain Trip to include a lot of the Museums I walked to. 

The What If’s of treasure hunting 

I’d like to kick back and relax and indulge in a small fortune, enough to spread the wealth as needed and some as desired. I am an occasional sucker to help  an authentic hand in need that I personally get to choose to do so. I am one of those few that has the will not to be broken, tough skinned, knowledgeable, focused only to the point where I can decide if the action should be continued or severed as the best course of action. It’s all about the what if’s in any situation, that is how decisions are made.

A Natural in Nature, so to speak

I recently stumbled upon a song that stuck in my brain. It kinda mimics the views I have on life, though I am more on the thoughtful and giving side of the world than the cold hearted or eventually rich side of the house. We can change that rich option, feel free to donate me a large wad of legimate cash, anytime.

It’s a song by the Imagine Dragons called Natural.

Here is the song…… Though the video doesn’t even come close to my mindset – I will place a video of my perception of this song AFTER I have traveled out west in the late summer of 2019.  It will be placed on my YouTube Channel, documented above.

Here are the lyrics;

Forrest Fenn’s treasure, and the greed that consumes many.

Through Unrelentless Greed comes a War

Two people can keep a secret if one of them is dead – A line used by Forrest Fenn. 

Woooooo…. There has been much negativity towards each other as the searchers for Forrest Fenn’s treasure are losing grips with the simplicity of the hunt.  When I visit forums, blogs and videos, I am 100% certain that I am not going to get any useful information from their opinions. I only look at the perception, the thought process and reasoning behind the potential solve and as of yet, there is not one person that I have read that keeps on track. They are all over the place with multiple partial solves.

Through Unrelentless Greed – War ensues.

Through Unrelentless Greed comes a War
Through Unrelentless Greed comes a War.

Some get so frustrated that they do post some of their solve to another when they are either fed up with being poked and prodded trying to defend their partially disclosed solve that at the moment of truth, they reveal a small piece of their solve to feed the rabid bludgeoner. Then, both will sit back and lay off the offensive strike – for the moment. Blood boils and the need to counter once again ensues.  Others will simply antagonize someone with little quips of useless and often irrelevant information. Why don’t you help each other? Two words sum it up. Untrusted and Greed.

And one wonders why the treasure hunters are unwilling to provide each other with any sort of tangible information, or to set a searcher back on track when their mind has wandered amuck.

Your solution is not the best,                                                          Unless you stand there with the chest.

Some say, with an evil tongue, this is the year when Forrest Fenn’s treasure chest will finally be found. Some claim that the summer of June 2019, the chest will be recovered. It’s another axiom throwing event which only allows the person who speaks with that vile tongue, a fictitious deadline in order to have an advantage in a short fused conversation. If I had the puzzle solved to this cryptic poem, I wouldn’t wait – and I surely would not offer anyone the privilege of immediately knowing that it was found or how I exactly solved the poem……..Why? It’s due to the actions of many that taint the true intent of Forrest Fenn’s treasure. It’s meant to get people outside and enjoy life. Many do simply the opposite and become frustrated and unable to see the poem for what it is worth. They sit in their abode, frustrated and eager to vent out some of their exasperation to someone who is willing to fire back comments until the frustration level continues to make them think illogically.

Then they become unglued, frustrated to the point of flushing any sort of partnership or camaraderie. The person who antagonizes and the person who is willing to go to extreme lengths are both guilty. There is no battle of wits there, though I am yet to find a decent reference for the use of “Battle of the Nitwits”. It’s extremely easy for some one to hide behind a screen name, eventually confide in some one and offer a little bit of information on a subject.

Think about Forrest Fenn’s Treasure, then look in the mirror while you can and ask yourself…….

People have varied end moves, or motives. Some will stick with it to the end, some will stick to it until the resource is depleted and some will run to the point of the quest first and claim anything as their own.

I for one am not greedy – I have come to the point in my life that I understand what it takes to live comfortably over many years. I don’t need to change my lifestyle when I find that box – That box didn’t make me successful throughout my life – I selected most of the directions when it came to forks in the road, and I will continue to do so.

If you’re so obsessed about finding Forrest Fenn’s treasure one can paint a vision of you and see your true colors. I have a gift; I can read people for what they truly are worth in seconds, in any situation. It is something that people like to hide in the tall recesses where a smattering of calcified materials lay along with some subjective information and deep dark thoughts, emotions and entrapped motives lay.

Forrest Fenn had to know that this would happen. There are rare breeds out there that are searching for this treasure. Those are the ones that could honestly care less about the treasure and want to spend some quality time together. They want to think together, laugh together, brainstorm together. travel together and be right, wrong and help each other. That less than one percent of the human race can either ignore this quest for Forrest Fenn’s treasure as they are too enlightened to know the potential pitfalls of what this encounter may do to their nearly perfect world.

Many will never work together as long as greed has a say in the matter.

Greed can make a person selfish, pompous, mysterious and worse. It’s going to change the average person into an obsessive psychological monster. It’s going to eat at a persons’ moral framework, and potentially change the roots of what they normally are into something that could be highly undesired and unexpected.

So, in the end of this thread, I’d like to drive home the need to incorporate the 5 second rule.  I for one am NOT going to offer any help to the masses that are currently in the search since they aren’t willing to work with each other. I am not willing to post any comments on YouTube spammers who is using the efforts of many to produce lackluster videos of which many, end at a sixteen second mark, or looking for ego-testical hits and a potential TADA moment that should never happen. They spew out gibber and irrational thinking to anyone that is willing to listen to it. Those people should be one and done, Thumbs down.

So for those of you that need a sanity check, have a look at the only truly related meaning when it comes to trying to find Forrest Fenn’s treasure.

Still waiting on the Books……..

An update on the Collected Works Bookstore purchase of Forrest Fenn Books, The Thrill of the Chase and too far to walk.

Friday Morning, January 25th 2019, I wrote Dorothy, the owner at the Collected Works Bookstore and Coffee shop and inquired about my order of books. I emailed her and asked for an update to my order and I explained that I soon would be on travel. I also inquired about the change of policy after I had purchased the books and requested all of them be autographed. The policy has been changed to no more than two autographed copies of any book. Since the autographed editions are free, why not have an autographed version, as Mr. Fenn himself was kind enough to handle the book and add a signature.

Gift now when you can afford it. One day the ability to do so will not be there.

When I placed the book order, there was not any restrictions on the amount of autographed books that could be purchased. So, I requested that all be autographed. I wanted one copy each ( one of The Thrill of the Chase and too far to walk)  for my son, his girlfriend and myself. I planned on tucking away one autographed copy of The Thrill of the Chase for future use. Heck, I am the type of person that might just gift it away to a person that shows a strong honest passion about the adventure and simply cannot afford the book, but would be willing to help us with a solve. I have given many trinkets away in the past in the form of licensed MLB/NFL products to charities, such as We Promise Foundation, Edmarc Hospice for Children & Local Make a Wish office. In the case of the charities I am talking thousands of dollars. I don’t ask for much back in return, just that 100% of the proceeds from the item go to support the mission at hand. I also gift Steam purchased games for PC users.

Collected Works Bookstore and Coffee House IS a small business…

I have to remind myself that this bookstore is a small business and their tempo may not be as high strung as other places. The bookstore is something that has a limited number of employees and even more, a limited number of resources. But they have to realize that the bulk of the interest in these books have passed by. Add in the fact that The Thrill of the Chase copies were in stock, but the bookstore had to wait on the too tired to walk books to come in. Then, the bookstore has to set up an appointment with Mr. Fenn to come in and autograph these books. Mr. Fenn is no longer a spring chicken, and the ability to maneuver may be difficult at times. Finding an opportunity to either have him go to the bookstore to sign or, offer the bookstore to arrive at his house where he can sign books at his leisure would make more sense. Simply place a sticky on the appropriate page to make the opening of the book easier and an employee can either assist, or Mr. Fenn can complete this at his own pace, solo. Stack a handful in an acceptable area and make the books easy to take out of the boxes. leave the rest up to Forrest, with no deadlines.

His Autograph is worth something – kick it in to the Cancer Fund !

I honestly think that his autograph “means” something to the book owners. I think a nominal fee should be charged in the future for these autographs since the autograph sessions will become scarce as the calendar pages turn. Having collected autographs in my past, an average “Joe” can command between $20.00 to 40.00 on a book, and in my opinion, I think that is a pretty fair appraisal of Mr. Fenn’s autograph; heck it could even be more. In any event, the extra funds could quickly increase the Cancer Fund they have going. It will also deter the nefarious that want to take advantage of an autograph and gouge people even more, over pricing the books that they do on several third party websites. That’s just my two cents and I am sticking with it.

Hopefully I will get my seven books, all autographed as I desired. I will update this post when I get an update about the Forrest Fenn autographed books called The Thrill of the Chase and too far to walk. See my other posts for the official website to order the Forrest Fenn books directly from the Collected Works Bookstore and Coffee House.

so YOU say you found Forrest Fenn’s treasure…..

Is this Forrest Fenn's Bracelet? If so send it back to so we can plan a different vacation

I don”t know what is worse, a really long and boring solve on YouTube or a comment from some one that claims to have found Forrest Fenn’s treasure.

Soon the Search for Forrest Fenn’s treasure will commence ! Maybe. 

I placed an order for autographed versions of The Thrill of the Chase and too far to walk on January 3rd 2019. As of January 19th they have not been shipped. So, in the mean time, I simply visit a few resources to see if any of them have any useful information, and honestly, they do not. Ok, OK, maybe there is one. He ( a hint) supplies a few PDF’s (another hint) about Forrest Fenn’s ramblings. Are they worthy of a read? I don’t know, yet. Will they help me? Heck, I don’t know probably not. Most of what I deem semi-important I already had in text form. Its smaller in size and easier to read.

This is the way I look at things. If you have any questions about your own solve whatsoever, it becomes an inaccurate solve. More than likely it is not going to get you close enough to the blaze, let alone the correct area to look for Forrest Fenn’s epic treasure.

Partly potential and highly improbable (and long winded) Forrest Fenn treasure solves, hints and clues.

There are more than a handful of people that have come up with a potential solution on YouTube and want to post a video on it. Or, ven yet, they have solved a potential clue(less) tidbit and offer it over a 20+ minute video. I can tell in the first two minutes that it’s probably far fetched. Why do they need 20-plus minutes to convince the world that its a far fetched, overly twisted and improbable conclusion? They are long and extremely boring. Viewers if they choose to listen to the twisted thoughts of one or more attendees, will see that they will talk about anything. I look at these creators simply wanting YouTube hits, some self satisfaction that they might be a self inflicted star.  If they have a video length over 20 minutes, they are probably trying to hedge YouTube into coughing up some funds for the voluntary squatters believing that some where on the video a very important clue will be revealed.  You listen to one potential solve or a potential clue is solved and it makes no sense what so ever. The people in front of the camera seem to be nodding, but they too have no clue where this treasure is. IF they did, they wouldn’t be “hype-pathetically” guessing and smiling on camera waiting for the 26th minute to come so they can close out and post another nonsense production.

Forrest Fenn has giving out a pretty decent amount of hints over the years and people are just unable to comprehend what he is saying. One has to realize that not everything he says is a clue or a hint.  Personally I think he is pretty bold when he mentions a hint in a post or an email.

Forrest Fenn took his time and hid the treasure in an area where the stereotypical searcher is going to write off that potential area because it doesn’t fit their potential solve.  It simply can’t be there because…….. Because YOU think its not in your solve location. He wouldn’t dare to have hid it there…. Is probably one of the most illogical thoughts that can be produced. I think that Forrest probably has a huge smile on his face as he ponders how long its going to take some one to find this elusive treasure, that potentially is located beneath everyone’s nose.

Don’t be naive and believe that anyone out there is going to give you their best thoughts when it comes to figuring out Forrest Fenn’s poem, locations or even hints. Some may offer a little bit of information that may make sense, but what most may be after is someone ( a viewer like you or random poster) offering them a different view on an area that they may be stuck at. If you post an idea to them, they might see it in a different way, and either have more info than you do, or gives them ANOTHER reason to fire up the pathetic video machine once more.  That random comment may place them on the trail once again ( or not) and one step closer ( or not) to the winning solve. I have not found one decent resource that offers the identification of any of the clues, let alone all nine, nor a majority of head nodders agreeing that a particular phrase is definitely a hint that points to the poem and the clues.

Forrest must chuckle to himself a lot about this. He knew greed would take over and people aren’t willing to share anything, let alone their potential solve and even a heck NO to sharing a portion of a 42 pound treasure.  No clue about non-disclosure agreements, potential agreements about sharing of wealth contracts, brain (?) storming, planning, logical thinking in groups, or spreading the wealth of any type per se. OK, MAYBE a couple of photogarphs, as long as they don’t give anything away ! I simply shake my head. The hunt for Forrest Fenn’s treasure is going on at least its 9th year and zippo results.

Don’t get me wrong ( I maybe right, TBD). I have a logical plan. And should I decide to quit mid-stride and not go on an adventurous journey in search of epic loot, I might ( don’t hold your breath) share how I would approach this mind bending ordeal. No promises, because I DO need another vacation, and I want to visit some where in the USA vice an overseas location. Heck, If I can find the box of treasure, I can afford to go on vacation almost any time I want, and share the journey of travels on here as well as – you guessed it – on You Tube.

so YOU say you found Forrest Fenn’s treasure…..

Speaking of YouTube……To those that visit the YouTube channels and the forums claiming to have found the treasure chest, there is a simple solution. All you would have to do is mail Forrest Fenn his bracelet back to him anonymously. Being that potential problem solver, getting his current address should be a breeze. If not, you can always send it to a location he has visited (bookstore, museum or otherwise) and he or a surviving relative can then tell the world it’s officially time to put the books on the shelf and store the search gear. 

Wear some gloves to reduce the chance of leaving a precious finger print or fragment of DNA. Paranoid they are going to find you out by your hand writing or postmark? Simply print the information off the web, and slap that on a padded envelope.  I assume that you are NOT putting a return address on the package…….Buy some common stamps (US postage stamps that is ), place too much postage on the package. Use tap water to moisten the stamps, don’t lick them. After the package is sealed, making sure none of your DNA is included within the package, or under tape, get in a vehicle (with the package) and drive a pretty good distance away (maybe 1+ hours, more if you live in the boonies) from your location. Find a post office and drop the package holding Forrest Fenns bracelet in an outside mail box and then go home. Being that potential problem solver, getting his current address should be a breeze. If not, you can always send it to a location he has visited (bookstore, museum or otherwise) and he or a surviving relative can then tell the world it’s officially time to put the books on the shelf and store the search gear.

Then you can sit and bask in your glee that you indeed have produced to the world that some anonymous person has indeed found the elusive Forrest Fenn treasure and the world’s experts will shred every potential probable, improbable and other possibility of who had found the treasure and gawk at any question where the loot was hid and then found.  Ok, it’s time to come on back to reality.

Until then, I will read the books (when they get here) with an open mind (do I need a can opener for that? ) and plan a visit to the (currently unknown, but popular) location should I solve the first two clues within Forrest Fenn’s poem.

OK Forrest, add me to that chuckle line as well.

Where to Buy Forrest Fenn Books – The Thrill of the Chase

Where to buy Forrest Fenn’s book The Thrill of the Chase and his other books

This is THE place to buy Forrest Fenn publications. To me its far cheaper and I was told over the phone, even though it says they are not in stock, they always have them in stock.

ISBN: 9780967091785



Too Far To Walk (Hardcover)

ISBN: 9780967091792


To get order updates, call the Collected Works Bookstore and Coffee shop Monday through Friday and ask for the shipping team. They open after 10am  Mountain Time. The number is (505) – 988 – 4226.

Forrest Fenn’s Treasure real or fake?

In my first post about this Forrest Fenn treasure hunt, I tell everyone that it will be an exciting time to read a book or two and possibly have the time to take a trip west to the Rocky Mountains and have a look around.

I’ve only researched this about a week as I wait for the books to arrive. In the meantime, I have compiled some notes. There is rumor of Forrest Fenn saying in a round about way that the clues have been solved, but he doesn’t mention if it is by many people, a handful of people or just one.

Forrest Fenn also mentions that a few people have been within 200 feet of the chest, and more have been within 500 feet of the chest.

People are hesitant to believe him since he has a past of shady operations, even after leaving the military. I am sure the investigation set him on the right track once more. He wrote a lot of books, no? Others have written a lot of books as well, and some have made it to the NY Times best seller list. How could Forrest Fenn match that feat? With Forrest Fenn being a collector, and then having a glancing blow with a potentially deadly demise, it can make people “see the light” and want to do something right.

In my first post about Forrest Fenn’s treasure, I mentioned the Treasure hunt of the Golden Horse. It was managed by a third party which in the end, the third party never revealed its location. In my opinion, this is the way Forrest Fenn should have handled this event as well. There are too many “friends” that are close or have become friends to Forrest Fenn to make this a search without an accidental leak. I am not saying he can’t have friends, but why would a true friend  go on a hunt and try to find this treasure? It’s human nature. Remember, Forrest Fenn is a writer, he likes to express himself, and I honestly think that some one close to him may know more than is revealed. It would not be hard to liquidate the coins and gold within the chest, and swap/trade items to a collector who can verify the authenticity of the objects, but wishes to remain undiscovered.

On most videos, Forrest Fenn gets a higher pulse and somewhat excited when approached with a question that was asked for the first time, or if he didn’t remember it at the moment. He’s older, peoples’ minds can slip up when they are older so I can’t blame him for avoiding some of the questions.

I think the Forrest Fenn treasure is legit. I think he wants to be remembered for a legacy, rather than a conspiracy. That means once he is gone, people will remember him for the treasure hunt, and then for the books associated with the treasure hunt. He likes the publicity, he eats it up.  I have also noted that is is very difficult for him to hold back adding in more clues or even a mild pile of hints. Some hints have been revealed, but not as many as there should be. In my opinion, there should have been one mild clue released close to the anniversary when the treasure hunt started.

I think people are right on about Yellowstone being the place where Forrest Fenn potentially hid the treasure, Where else within the Rocky Mountains did FF have such wonderful memories ?

The poem is indeed cryptic. Supposedly there is a tight circle that have solved the first two clues. That is as far as it has gone approaching the 9th year. I don’t want to offer my two cents where it could be until I have read the books, read the poem over and over and over.  Sure it will be a challenge, but I think it worth the challenge.

My only concern about all of this is the way Forrest Fenn said in an interview that what would happen if his treasure was discovered thousands of years for now. If he had a choice he’d like to have his story told in full, and the entire chest placed within a museum. Let’s hope that the clues to the treasure are not that complex.

Forrest Fenn is a man who has seems to like to ride the edge. He’s not a man of constant conformity and will change course on a whim or if challenged to do so. That is a trait that far few people have in their lives. In this current day and age we seem more in tune with electronics and its distractions rather than the earth on which we live. In my opinion we are taking thing for granted and eventually it will be the human races’ demise. I think Forrest Fenn’s last hope was he could hit the NY Times best seller list, and make people get outside, in solitude, away from the electronic buzz, to become one with nature, even for a short while.

I don’t know what Forrest Fenn total worth is, but throwing a bunch of trinkets in a treasure box and then announcing it seemed like a good deal. He probably does not have a lot invested in what he placed in the box, short of the items that are closer to his heart – the non-monetary things that he threw in the box.

If anything, I will sit, read and ponder over the books and the potential path to the treasure. People seem to be greedy and there are only a few online sites that offer any sort of information. But, even the best sites appear to be STUMPED. Some one may be closer to a solution, but greed and not being able to trust another keeps this from being solved. Forrest Fenn is a smart man, he knew this would happen.

I can see him smiling as he contemplates how long the human race will tickle his book pages in search for his treasure after he is gone. I’ll eventually take that scheduled trip west as planned, and if the location an be solidified, even better.

Indulgence – The hunt for Forrest Fenn’s Treasure

Forrest Fenn book The Thrill of the chase


The Thrill of the Chase, treasure, travel, tools & ideas

I like the Thrill of the Chase, but the books by Forrest Fenn  and its adventure is not my first Indulgence, although the very first one I did not throw all in to the adventure. I am older, wiser and know whether the conclusion will be obtainable in a one time journey.  Like many have said, if you want to win the war, know what you are fighting for. It applies to many, many facets in life.

This initial post is a timeline of how I got started in all this mess. All the other posts will concentrate on The Thrill of the Chase.

Not my first Rodeo – Treasure the search for the Golden Horse

I learned of a movie and a book written about the Treasure, a golden horse. It was back in the 1980’s when I actually acquired the small paperback book and the movie.

Back in the day, I was in the military. I was stationed in Virginia and my orders had me traveling to San Diego California. To make a long story shorter, I managed to find several of the locations within the movie and the book.

I didn’t have an extraordinary amount of time to flirt with finding the treasure, but it gave me plenty of time to read the book, tickle my notes and see the great outdoors as I drove from Virginia south, to New Orleans, across Texas, and places west.

Life has many distractions and over time I totally forgot about the golden horse.  Fast forward to 2011 when I was in between jobs, but only had two weeks off. I needed to build a picket fence all the way around the house.  During this laborous  task, one day my son said, it almost seems like we’re digging for buried treasure. The Golden Horse simply popped into my head. Later on that night after recovering from the labor, I decided to see if the blasted golden horse had been found.  I found that answer to be no, the people who buried it did not offer a solution, supposedly dug it up and offered the prize to some charity.  But two dedicated people solved it after the “expiration date”. The place was eventually revealed. That’s all I needed to know for closure.  I was not vested in the quest to find the treasure, so I dropped the idea.

Tens of thousands of dedicated searchers during a six year search could not find the golden horse. That little horse was buried  in Tennessee Pass, 10,424 feet above sea level, along the Continental Divide in Colorado. It contained a key in the belly to a safety deposit box where a monetary fund  was placed.

Any other treasure out there?

Then a thought popped into my head, Hmmmm I wonder if there is any other quests to find treasure out there? I did a quick search on a popular search engine, and found a story of an old man being interviewed about some treasure box that he had placed somewhere.  Gold coins, jewels,  gold nuggets and other stuff. Neat.  At that point, I took note but I was not jumping up and down, yelling, giving high fives to everyone I saw, nor was I totally overboard with excitement.  That’s expending too much energy even for the most “egotestical” person on the planet. I am far from that. Plus, I was drained of excitement from the fence building excursion that was taking place.

Fast forward to March 2018, I decided to go on a trip from Virginia to Valencia, Spain in hopes to see this small wonderful city and maybe see some one special. The travel was one to test my ability to travel, my endurance level and will power.  As time ticks, the travel each way pushed past the 24 hour mark. Yeah I am a light sleeper. I didn’t sleep a wink on the plane, or during the layovers, but managed to close my eyes from time to time and drift a bit and relax. Those days marked as travel days were long days. I carried a backpack that contained a 17 inch laptop, cables and some lenses to a Canon camera along with many other items. add in a rolling backpack with clothes and an additional laptop that was meant for another task.  Yeah I ached once I was in the Flat within Valencia, Spain, but it was worth the effort.

The visit was to see the city of Valencia, Spain and  absorb all the cultures and landmarks that the adventure could offer. I stayed in a Flat close to city center. That was one of the smartest things I could have done. The range of attractions and distractions were all within reach. It was a fun trip and most days from 0700 to 1700 I was out and about, walking up to 5 miles each way with a backpack, cellphone with google maps in hand and a battery pack for additional power. Google Translate assisted mucho times. Technology, when used properly can make that experience even more amazing.

Although I did not get to see that special person,  it did not sour my journey for adventure and excitement. I spent nine days or so in Valencia, Spain  and came back with a trove of photographs and memories that will last me a lifetime. Most of the photos from the days of Valencia, Spain  are here on this site within this blog.

I like traveling, and in 2019, I have a goal to go west. I told myself after recovering from the Valencia, Spain trip I would take another to the western side of the United States. My middle child has been to Colorado many times as her husband has family in that area. So, I typed in adventures in the Rocky Mountains and AGAIN, I come across an old man with a treasure box hidden somewhere. OK, who IS this guy and why does he want to hide a box of treasure for me to find? And why am I crossing paths with him once again ?

Revisiting Forrest Fenn and his hidden treasure box

It must be a calling, and not by some one rattling my phone or getting hit by lightning.  On New Years Day, 2019 I decided to start researching Forrest Fenn and the placement of his semi-epic loot.

I watch a few videos mainly involving Forrest Fenn and a few of his closer acquaintances. It’s sort of intriguing. But I tell myself, this all started back in 2010 time frame – no one has come out and claimed this treasure.

A memory pops in the head. I was on a coin web site. A woman offers a prize to some one who can figure out how many miles were on the european car she just bought. Details were scant at first, but she did offer a clue or two. People were clueless, throwing numbers all around. No one was working together. The lady mentions that some people are closer than others, and I immediately think Really thats a clue?? I look at what numbers were near a majority. I tell the people on the forum to concentrate on the 50,000-60,000 range. The lady says she was floored that I figured that out so easily and I shared it with others. Communication starts to flow between people. All it took was a slight kick in the pants and the first to offer help. I told the lady who held the prize  its the presentation of the clues not as YOU want to see it, but in the eyes of the beholder/seeker. It makes a BIG difference.

Back to Forrest Fenn. I search some on the favorite web search engine. I quickly learn that this treasure hunt has a poem. All you should have to do is read the poem, read the book in which the poem is in and have a map handy. Other people tend to say that all the tools you need are the poem, a map and take it from there. I quickly chuckled and thought, those are NOT the initial intended tools.

January 2nd 2019, I decided to start digging, (no pun intended – supposedly no digging required) for good resources of general information. After several hours, I  realize that MOST of these people and places aren’t going to give you their best solve to the riddle where the treasure box is hidden. As expected, even the BEST websites and theories out there can be described in one word – Stumped. Many talk or write in circles, most at length. If a personal solution involves ANY trace of question marks what so ever, your off the trail. Don’t expect ME to get lost in your failing theory or offer advice on what your doing wrong. if I had the answers to them, I’d have the treasure box secured. Facts people. Stop guessing.

On January 3rd 2019, I decided to surf the web and try to find the book these people are pouring over, reading and trying to decipher.  GEESH – after a quick search on a popular search engine, most sites where you could find these books are expensive, well over $60.00 each. Though I read that some of the funds are going to be given to a cancer victim, it hits home, as I lost my only wife to cervical cancer in the 1990’s and raised three kids all by myself. Want a true adventure – give that a shot. Add in one has a severe bleeding disorder and your coffers are never full.  Add in I retired from the military and I was blessed to have done so. I’ve always tried to pay less than retail for anything to make ends meet. This will be one of them.

Forrest Fenn mentioned a book shop to purchase The Thrill of the Chase and I had to revisit the video to learn of its name. Prior to this, I did not see a clear path to purchase the books from the distributor, but eventually stumbled upon the “official” bookstore itself.

Where to buy Forrest Fenn’s book The Thrill of the Chase and his other books

This is THE place to buy Forrest Fenn publications. To me its far cheaper and I was told over the phone, even though it says they are not in stock, they always have them in stock.


I purchased four copies of Thrill of the Chase, and three copies of Too Tired to Walk. There will be three individuals involved in our brainstorming adventure. Best for each one to have their own tool, vice splitting up research and study time. I’d rather have a book available and dormant than a motivated searcher waiting their time to use a tool.

Do yourself a HUGE favor. If you decide to purchase the book(s), keep them in as pristine shape as possible. Then next owner or next visit within the pages will be just as delightful without a lot of marred distractions. I suggest do not write in them, highlight in them or physically or utterly destroy them. Visit a local office supply store, buy some tools you can write with and write in.  When your writing your notes, I suggest using pencils as thoughts can change instantly and an eraser can remove most doubts where ink will leave a mess.

If you have a thought, simply write it down, fully and as intended. But have a plan. I suggest having some sort of dividers to segregate your pools of information. Some may break up the clues in many areas such as general, about the clues, observations, references and such. It will keep it neat and organized, and semi-precise like the journey should be.

Sure, you can keep notes on a tablet, PC, phone or other electronic contraption, but make sure when the notes are needed the most they are available. Writings can add weight to the carry, but they can also be used to make notations. They are far more forgiving when dropped on a rocky surface.  Don’t feel like writing til your hands fall off?  Take the typed notes, print the important notes and attach them securely within your notebook.  Save the hand(s) from writers’ cramp  with keystrokes and a printer. Expecting foul weather ? Place pages within the book/binder in document protectors to keep them from altering their shape and effectiveness. Place the openings of the document protectors upside down as inclement weather travels down. This way the inclement invasion won’t be able to immediately penetrate the paperwork to create a soaked paper plastic reservoir.

I am going to create separate category for this trendy distraction so all of my Forrest Fenn treasure box notes will be in one location and not scattered across many other blog posts.

Stand by for more posts as time permits.