Forrest Fenn’s Treasure real or fake?

In my first post about this Forrest Fenn treasure hunt, I tell everyone that it will be an exciting time to read a book or two and possibly have the time to take a trip west to the Rocky Mountains and have a look around.

I’ve only researched this about a week as I wait for the books to arrive. In the meantime, I have compiled some notes. There is rumor of Forrest Fenn saying in a round about way that the clues have been solved, but he doesn’t mention if it is by many people, a handful of people or just one.

Forrest Fenn also mentions that a few people have been within 200 feet of the chest, and more have been within 500 feet of the chest.

People are hesitant to believe him since he has a past of shady operations, even after leaving the military. I am sure the investigation set him on the right track once more. He wrote a lot of books, no? Others have written a lot of books as well, and some have made it to the NY Times best seller list. How could Forrest Fenn match that feat? With Forrest Fenn being a collector, and then having a glancing blow with a potentially deadly demise, it can make people “see the light” and want to do something right.

In my first post about Forrest Fenn’s treasure, I mentioned the Treasure hunt of the Golden Horse. It was managed by a third party which in the end, the third party never revealed its location. In my opinion, this is the way Forrest Fenn should have handled this event as well. There are too many “friends” that are close or have become friends to Forrest Fenn to make this a search without an accidental leak. I am not saying he can’t have friends, but why would a true friend  go on a hunt and try to find this treasure? It’s human nature. Remember, Forrest Fenn is a writer, he likes to express himself, and I honestly think that some one close to him may know more than is revealed. It would not be hard to liquidate the coins and gold within the chest, and swap/trade items to a collector who can verify the authenticity of the objects, but wishes to remain undiscovered.

On most videos, Forrest Fenn gets a higher pulse and somewhat excited when approached with a question that was asked for the first time, or if he didn’t remember it at the moment. He’s older, peoples’ minds can slip up when they are older so I can’t blame him for avoiding some of the questions.

I think the Forrest Fenn treasure is legit. I think he wants to be remembered for a legacy, rather than a conspiracy. That means once he is gone, people will remember him for the treasure hunt, and then for the books associated with the treasure hunt. He likes the publicity, he eats it up.  I have also noted that is is very difficult for him to hold back adding in more clues or even a mild pile of hints. Some hints have been revealed, but not as many as there should be. In my opinion, there should have been one mild clue released close to the anniversary when the treasure hunt started.

I think people are right on about Yellowstone being the place where Forrest Fenn potentially hid the treasure, Where else within the Rocky Mountains did FF have such wonderful memories ?

The poem is indeed cryptic. Supposedly there is a tight circle that have solved the first two clues. That is as far as it has gone approaching the 9th year. I don’t want to offer my two cents where it could be until I have read the books, read the poem over and over and over.  Sure it will be a challenge, but I think it worth the challenge.

My only concern about all of this is the way Forrest Fenn said in an interview that what would happen if his treasure was discovered thousands of years for now. If he had a choice he’d like to have his story told in full, and the entire chest placed within a museum. Let’s hope that the clues to the treasure are not that complex.

Forrest Fenn is a man who has seems to like to ride the edge. He’s not a man of constant conformity and will change course on a whim or if challenged to do so. That is a trait that far few people have in their lives. In this current day and age we seem more in tune with electronics and its distractions rather than the earth on which we live. In my opinion we are taking thing for granted and eventually it will be the human races’ demise. I think Forrest Fenn’s last hope was he could hit the NY Times best seller list, and make people get outside, in solitude, away from the electronic buzz, to become one with nature, even for a short while.

I don’t know what Forrest Fenn total worth is, but throwing a bunch of trinkets in a treasure box and then announcing it seemed like a good deal. He probably does not have a lot invested in what he placed in the box, short of the items that are closer to his heart – the non-monetary things that he threw in the box.

If anything, I will sit, read and ponder over the books and the potential path to the treasure. People seem to be greedy and there are only a few online sites that offer any sort of information. But, even the best sites appear to be STUMPED. Some one may be closer to a solution, but greed and not being able to trust another keeps this from being solved. Forrest Fenn is a smart man, he knew this would happen.

I can see him smiling as he contemplates how long the human race will tickle his book pages in search for his treasure after he is gone. I’ll eventually take that scheduled trip west as planned, and if the location an be solidified, even better.