Next travels – Sacremento, California then a Shine down Concert !

I am emotionally and physically recovering from the Valencia, Spain trip. When I returned, I had a few emails from friends I used to chat with in the game rooms. It has been a LONG time. I was distracted for almost 3.5 years and I will attempt to catch these people up on what I have been doing with my life since we last chatted.

Since I am on a roll with traveling, I just might be heading to California some time this year. I am not one for extreme heat, so it may well be in the fall. My goal will be to visit the Sacremento , California area. It will probably be for 8 days or so. I’ll have to firm up plans and look at room rates, places to see and a car rental.

If I am lucky, I’ll even spend some time with a few of these friends.

The other thing I want to do is attend a concert that is coming this way. Its the band Shine Down along with God Smack. Long ago, I seen God Smack when they toured with Metallica. That was a great show. I hope this one will be just as good.  My aim is to pick a local concert in the Virginia area and attend that, unless they are available when I go out to Sacremento, California. That would be a great combo there. I might even pay for all the tickets for us to go see the concert. That would be epic.

Stand by for an update to this story as it evolves.

Valencia Day 5 – A Bust for many reasons.

March 10th, 2018. Valencia weather partly sunny then afternoon thunderstorms with gusty winds. temp near 21c

Today I woke early and decided against going out. I had two reasons. There were inbound storms, according to accuweather, that could show up before 1200.  I for one am not afraid of the rain, but the equipment I carry on the streets is quite sensitive.

This is good, I get a day of planning and updating the posts prior to going to adventuring once more. I think I may be done early with the site seeing. I actually may return to the USA a bit early. Why ? The original date going back is one day before going back to work. On that day, I arrive extremely late and I’d have to go to work almost red-eyed. No problem if the flights were within the USA. This one would be another 24 hour excursion to my location.

I finished up some of the posts and photographs from day 4. Then I got an idea. I could do some time laspe photography of the street below. It was just before 0700 and I set up the camera. This time I decided to go with the Program Mode with a remote timer. I set the ISO to 100. I set the F stop to 16. I had the remote timer on automatic mode,  where it would wait 15 seconds then open the shutter for one second and then repeat the cycle.

I decided to take photos from 0700 to right near 1600 or so. The rain started at 1600 and was small showers between 1700 to 1800 and beyond. When the storms hit, it cleared people and items off the streets and it was pretty much barren after the thunderstorms came. I will have to turn the photographs into a movie when I get back to the USA. I’ll add a link on this post when I get it done. All in all I think there are over 2000+ photographs, and the movement of the people on the streets was slight for most of  duration of the event.

I expected some inclement and stormy weather on this vacation and hopefully it is all over and done with. I have a few more days of sight seeing left in me and we will see how it goes after that. I even contemplate leaving Spain early to go home and do some massive R&R before the vacation is over and I have to return to work. Time will tell if I have the urge to leave Valencia early.

Tomorrow, the weather is supposed to be better, but cooler. I have three places I want to go to tomorrow, and I think they will be a blast. One is a museum that houses a 3D handcrafted city of Valencia, Spain with the outer walls intact.  This place is called Muvim Valencia de la Illistraco I la Modernitat.

The second stop will be city hall where alot of the FALLA activity is held. I am going there to take some photographs of the building and fountains around the area and maybe grab a lunch somewhere.

The third location is going to be the Placa de Bous de Valencia or, the Bullring of Valencia.

I’ll look over Valencia City Center for any more sights to see and I will add them to the list tomorrow. I do want to visit the Central Market and a coin shop that is close to the market as well. But those will be done on another day unless my feet and body are kind to me, and I can hit all five locations in a single day.

I look forward to getting out of the room tomorrow.