MW3 Coop Survival wave based “cheat sheet”

Do YOU know when the Juggs or Choppers are coming in each and every map? No ? Well now is your chance to download a handy dandy “cheat sheet” which lists all the maps.

This “cheat sheet” is a one page offering from yours truly. It lists information about the Juggs and Chopper waves on all the normal Coop survival maps and all of the DLC maps was well. It will definitely help you prepare for these tougher waves.

The good thing about this MW3 Coop Survival wave based table is that ALL the maps are on ONE page. No need to flip through pages, trying to keep up with what is coming.

Additionally, you can fold this MW3 wave based table in half. One side will then be for the basic hard drive maps, and the other side will be for the DLC maps.

I hope it helps you master the game of MW3 Coop survival !

This page was made in PDF via Adobe Reader. You can get adobe Acrobat Reader for free from the website.

MW3 Survival Waves