Home Front The Revolution – Burnt Offerings

Homefront the Revolution Resistance Mode Burnt offerings in 5.5 minutes

Home Front The Revolution – Burnt Offerings, which is a Resistance mode play (basically Coop Survival) offers more than charred materials. Its a very quick way to get some coop survival play in, Burnt offerings is the one I can play over and over, gaining about $2000 in credits and when I needed Experience points, I would end up some where between 750 to 1050 xp per mission.

And the good news is, you can complete this mission on Easy, and get it done in under 6 minutes. Worse case scenario, it could take you 10 to 12 minutes. In any event, Its all about cash and XP in this game.

I have a few videos up of how to do Burnt Offerings on Easy, Burnt Offerings on Normal and Burnt Offerings on Hard.

Its the same tactic on all three levels. The problem with the “hard” difficulty is that a Goliath will show up and make it difficult to kill the last 3 gas containers. Honestly, for me, I would rather run Burnt Offerings on easy twice and not have to use up any explosives than to throw 4-7 bombs on the Hard difficulty.

It has that smooth game play like Mw3, but Homefront the Revolution coop missions are much shorter in duration. The Coop Survival missions can have up to Four players and as you have seen above, three different levels of difficulty. For those needing a coop survival quick fix, this might be your cure.

DeadLee690 – Always a good partner in MW3

deadlee690 on steam

Lee, or also known as DeadLee690 in Steam is always looking for veteran players and people who can go far in CoD Mw3. Lee resides out in California, USA. So for planning purposes, make sure your connection is able to travel to him with no internet issues.

Lee has helped me push some MW3 maps pretty far. His strategy and tactics are key to the Teamwork. At the end of the waves, I keep the Helo or last enemy busy and Lee sets the map up for the next challenge. BOOM. wave complete. Next !

Lee has helped me push the following MW3 Coop Survival maps pretty far:

Resistance 99

Interchange 78

Underground 90

Mission 92

Carbon 109

There is one handicap when I play for long periods of time. I have a bad back, and this information was spread throughout the Mission Incredible group. I told them all, don’t expect me to try for world records or go past 100 waves.

Lee is very polite, and likes to get things done as quick as possible. I suggest reading the tips and tricks of MW3 below before diving into a game and with one of the best, still active players of the MW3 .

  • Know when the Juggs and Chopper waves are. its important.  On this website I have a MW3 Juggs and Chopper “Cheat Sheet” which lists when they come on all the coop survival maps. It’s a one page deal which will make your life a lot easier.
  • Make sure you leave one enemy or one Chopper alive at the end of the Jugg/Chopper wave. I suggest leaving a Chopper alive. It’s much easier to avoid a chopper’s gun.  If your playing with a Vet. make sure it looks like the other player is done getting supplies and is ready to start the next wave. Spray the Chopper with bullets to acknowledge your ready. Wait for a response – They may be on a bathroom break or on the phone. Be patient, it makes a big difference.
  • To avoid Chopper fire, listen for the egg beater sound before the chopper shoots. Make sure you are moving forward, and when you hear that sound, hit the ground. About 90% of the time the chopper will miss you. Once the chopper is done shooting, get up and keep moving. Do this every time the chopper shoots at you.
  • DO NOT buy riot squads, Delta Squads, Predators or Airstrikes before wave 30. Its simply throwing money away. You are going to need a stockpile of cash in later waves, when the Juggs and Choppers will take a lot of airstrikes to knock them down. Later waves in Mw3 can easily cost you 10,000+ to get through one wave.
  • Share the wealth – If you have a lot of cash in the game, buy what you need and give a little bit to your partner. Whom ever has the most kills will have the most money. If you don’t share, your partner will have little supplies and smaller guns when the BIG stuff comes later. Remember, the key is playing like a Team.
  • If the other player appears to have set c4 spawn traps – items that will kill the enemy when they enter the map – MAKE SURE you are right next to them when the wave starts ! It’s vital. The reason for this is, the enemy can spawn on different points on a map, depending on where you are located.
  • Running in MW3 is quite simple. Bunny hop and move forward. This is essential to open up the distance between you and the enemy that are following you.
  • Stick together. taking alternate paths will split the enemy up and you will quickly find yourself surrounded, or one player goes down with a lot of enemy all around them. Sticking together will make the waves go by much quicker.
  • Whether you are playing alone, or with a partner, the MAX NUMBER of claymores that can be placed on the ground is TWENTY. The same goes for C4. If a 21st claymore or C4 is put down, it will destroy the first one that was placed – or more if there was a plie of them close together. DO NOT assume you are free to drop C4 and claymores on a whim, especially if the partner is setting up spawn traps. Its best to ask.

That is most of the common good playing skills one needs to know when playing with CoD MW3 Vets that know how to go 100+ waves on any given map, any given day.

If your into playing a game with Lee, hit him up on Steam, should your resume look good enough, you may be playing MW3 with one of the best active MW3 players out there. Better yet, join the Coop Survial group in Steam and be in the same group with Lee, and a few players who still participate in MW3.

Good luck.

  • MI


CoD MW3 Coop Survival – Sentry Gun Glitch

Often wonder how some of the elite players get multiple guns in CoD MW3 Coop Survival ?  It’s pretty easy to do, honestly. I started using the multiple gun glitch when I realized that Activision was slowly but surely tweeking the configuration of the enemy on the Coop Survival side of MW3. Now, the Enemy – or AI (artificial intelligence) above wave 50 are as powerful as medium level Juggs. Their aim is better, they can sprint and fire with deadly accuracy. The only way that you won’t run out of ammo is to have more than two guns.

When I was actively playing MW3 and posting videos, I was being asked the question “Hey, how are you getting more than two weapons in MW3 Coop Survival?” I finally had to post a link on the Mission Incredible You Tube home Page for users to easily find the video. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind answering comments on you tube, but this was a quick way for subscribers to find the answer to this question without a delay.

For example, I was on wave 50 or higher in Bakaara. It was a Jugg wave I was hiding in the black plastic bag behind the explosive armory, where the enemy cannot see me. At close, point blank range, where the enemy were practically standing still, I used all the ammo in 4 out of 5 LMG’s, an ACR, an AK-47, and two other weapons. That is not including kills that were done via claymores I planted prior to the wave starting. My point is, if it takes more than 40 bullets to kill an enemy after wave 40 or so, and there are 20+ enemy coming, you need to be highly accurate in your shots or your two guns will be empty by the end of the wave, if you have two LMG’s at 300 rounds each. The only way you can survive higher waves is to either spawn kill as much as you can, or offer the enemy a fighting chance and use bullets on them. Remember if your playing solo, you have but 30 seconds to get ready for the next wave. It’s not a lot of time. If you have a partner in MW3 Coop Survival, one player can play cat-and-mouse with one enemy left on the map, while the other goes out and replenishes ammo, supplies and maybe set up spawn kills. Then, they can swap and the other player can get ammo and supplies before killing the last enemy. But solo is much tougher and you’ll need to compensate for all of the activity you need to do before the end of a wave.

In the video below, I show you how to use the sentry gun glitch. I highly suggest watching the MW3 Coop Survival Sentry Gun Glitch. If you have two players in the game, at first ONLY 1 player puts down a sentry gun. The other player that has the sentry gun in their belt can go first and do the sentry gun glitch. That players gets as many guns as they wish – no more than 9 weapons !!! . Once the first player is done, kill the sentry that is on the ground. The player who is finished first with the sentry gun glitch then places his turret on the ground. The player who first placed the sentry on the ground will need to buy another and keep that in your belt until they finish the sentry gun glitch as well.

For two people in MW3 Coop Survival its a bit different -So think of this.

Player A places his sentry down on the ground. Player B keeps his turret OFF the ground.

Player B does the sentry gun glitch, up to nine weapons.

Once Player B is done, he destroys the sentry that is on the ground.

Player B then places his turret on the ground.

Player A needs to buy another sentry, and start the sentry gun glitch.

One Player A is done, you can either use the turrets for protection or simply destroy them all and play the game as you wish.

If you don’t have a lot of cash, simply buy hand guns or pistols first. As dead enemies drop their weapons, you can trade out a pistol for say a shotgun, mp5, ak47, acr or fad.

Since February 2012, CoD MW3 Coop Survival has slowly but surely been configured by Activision to become more difficult. Utilizing a minor glitch will assist you in balancing out the game, keeping ammo in your weapons long enough to get through the wave.

I hope this little trick allows you to go farther in your MW3 Coop Survival games !

  • MI


MW3 Coop Survival wave based “cheat sheet”

Do YOU know when the Juggs or Choppers are coming in each and every map? No ? Well now is your chance to download a handy dandy “cheat sheet” which lists all the maps.

This “cheat sheet” is a one page offering from yours truly. It lists information about the Juggs and Chopper waves on all the normal Coop survival maps and all of the DLC maps was well. It will definitely help you prepare for these tougher waves.

The good thing about this MW3 Coop Survival wave based table is that ALL the maps are on ONE page. No need to flip through pages, trying to keep up with what is coming.

Additionally, you can fold this MW3 wave based table in half. One side will then be for the basic hard drive maps, and the other side will be for the DLC maps.

I hope it helps you master the game of MW3 Coop survival !

This page was made in PDF via Adobe Reader. You can get adobe Acrobat Reader for free from the Adobe.com website.

MW3 Survival Waves