Borderlands 3 on Epic? Really?! Count me out.

Borderlands 3 on Epic ? A different launcher? BOOOOOO

Borderlands 3 on Epic? Really?! Count me out. I am not one to have a smearing of all these launchers on my system. I know better. This is ludicrous, but it is business. They stand to make more money, but I feel there won’t be as many followers from STEAM to Epic.  I already see the resistance in all of this, many a gamer I have talked to aren’t convinced that they will take the leap – that is, IF Bordelrlands 3 does go exclusively to Epic. Many will wait 6 months, which should be enough time to work bugs out of Borderlands 3, IF the questionable Epic customer support can handle it.

The words say it all. Exclusive or not, I am NOT going to Epic for BL3.
The words say it all. Exclusive or not, I am NOT going to Epic for BL3.

Borderlands 3 news on April 1st?

Sure it was April 1st, and it could be a thwap at an April Fools’ joke, but the writing is on the wall…. SURE, they may be able to make a slightly better profit on Epic, with  BL3 but will they have that many subscribers to make a difference?  I don’t believe so. With other games coming out such as Dying Light 2 and many others, I think some of the die hard STEAM gamers will pass on BL3 and find an alternate game to play. Switching to a cheaper provider is not always a smart move, ESPECIALLY, since its been so long since the last Borderlands. It’s a game – its not a Borderlands Passion for me. I am NOT sold on the potential characters we would get to play either. I was fond of the berserker and  the commando, and if they aren’t in there, I probably will not be either.  This is still early, and some better facts need to come out. All I can say is for me –  Borderlands 3 is on two strikes if what the big game mags have to offer is the truth. Doesn’t look good the the BL3 home team.

Epic Support? Ummmm , hardly? 

Take a look at what trust pilot says about the Epic support.  Form your own opinion.

If Epic tracked players in the past, will it continue ?

What do you think? Is all this “change” in BL3 worth the potential heart aches?! Why do these companies “THINK” <?> a change is for the better.

Shaking my head…….