Good Reference material for The Thrill of The Chase

Some unbiased The Thrill of the Chase references

In The Thrill of The Chase, there are a LOT of stumped and lost searchers who are poisoning the waters with their self-doubts, in hopes some one is willing to offer them some sort of magic or hope in a post about their blabberings.

Best case scenario is some one offers an opion which sparks a controversy and the mud pie flinging begins.

Stay away from the stumped, lost, sick, lame and crazies.

Here are a few what I believe are legitimate sources that may aid in your quest to find Forrest Fenn’s treasure called The Thrill of the Chase, aka Indulgence.

This page should point you to some PDF backups from Illinois Ghost. I suggest using the Backups ONLY, as he compiled them as unbiased as possible. I do not recommend watching his videos. since he is a searcher and is stumped like the rest.

No offense, I am just trying to make the new people learn the rules of reading the book and the poem over and coming up with their very own solves. It truly is the best way. Once you are stumped, THEN turn to the rest to see if they can bend the mind and place you on a proper track.

Illinois Ghost PDF’s are as follows

Scrapbooks 1-181 641 pages


Vignettes  118 pages


Quotes  273 Pages


Extra’s PDF

Illinois Ghost main web site

Illinois Ghost main website is here ( WARNING it can pull you off course)


At least one more area will be added soon of another searchers great attempt to categorize all of Forrest Fenn’s YouTube videos.