Forrest Fenn’s treasure, and the greed that consumes many.

Two people can keep a secret if one of them is dead – A line used by Forrest Fenn. 

Woooooo…. There has been much negativity towards each other as the searchers for Forrest Fenn’s treasure are losing grips with the simplicity of the hunt.  When I visit forums, blogs and videos, I am 100% certain that I am not going to get any useful information from their opinions. I only look at the perception, the thought process and reasoning behind the potential solve and as of yet, there is not one person that I have read that keeps on track. They are all over the place with multiple partial solves.

Through Unrelentless Greed – War ensues.

Through Unrelentless Greed comes a War
Through Unrelentless Greed comes a War.

Some get so frustrated that they do post some of their solve to another when they are either fed up with being poked and prodded trying to defend their partially disclosed solve that at the moment of truth, they reveal a small piece of their solve to feed the rabid bludgeoner. Then, both will sit back and lay off the offensive strike – for the moment. Blood boils and the need to counter once again ensues.  Others will simply antagonize someone with little quips of useless and often irrelevant information. Why don’t you help each other? Two words sum it up. Untrusted and Greed.

And one wonders why the treasure hunters are unwilling to provide each other with any sort of tangible information, or to set a searcher back on track when their mind has wandered amuck.

Your solution is not the best,                                                          Unless you stand there with the chest.

Some say, with an evil tongue, this is the year when Forrest Fenn’s treasure chest will finally be found. Some claim that the summer of June 2019, the chest will be recovered. It’s another axiom throwing event which only allows the person who speaks with that vile tongue, a fictitious deadline in order to have an advantage in a short fused conversation. If I had the puzzle solved to this cryptic poem, I wouldn’t wait – and I surely would not offer anyone the privilege of immediately knowing that it was found or how I exactly solved the poem……..Why? It’s due to the actions of many that taint the true intent of Forrest Fenn’s treasure. It’s meant to get people outside and enjoy life. Many do simply the opposite and become frustrated and unable to see the poem for what it is worth. They sit in their abode, frustrated and eager to vent out some of their exasperation to someone who is willing to fire back comments until the frustration level continues to make them think illogically.

Then they become unglued, frustrated to the point of flushing any sort of partnership or camaraderie. The person who antagonizes and the person who is willing to go to extreme lengths are both guilty. There is no battle of wits there, though I am yet to find a decent reference for the use of “Battle of the Nitwits”. It’s extremely easy for some one to hide behind a screen name, eventually confide in some one and offer a little bit of information on a subject.

Think about Forrest Fenn’s Treasure, then look in the mirror while you can and ask yourself…….

People have varied end moves, or motives. Some will stick with it to the end, some will stick to it until the resource is depleted and some will run to the point of the quest first and claim anything as their own.

I for one am not greedy – I have come to the point in my life that I understand what it takes to live comfortably over many years. I don’t need to change my lifestyle when I find that box – That box didn’t make me successful throughout my life – I selected most of the directions when it came to forks in the road, and I will continue to do so.

If you’re so obsessed about finding Forrest Fenn’s treasure one can paint a vision of you and see your true colors. I have a gift; I can read people for what they truly are worth in seconds, in any situation. It is something that people like to hide in the tall recesses where a smattering of calcified materials lay along with some subjective information and deep dark thoughts, emotions and entrapped motives lay.

Forrest Fenn had to know that this would happen. There are rare breeds out there that are searching for this treasure. Those are the ones that could honestly care less about the treasure and want to spend some quality time together. They want to think together, laugh together, brainstorm together. travel together and be right, wrong and help each other. That less than one percent of the human race can either ignore this quest for Forrest Fenn’s treasure as they are too enlightened to know the potential pitfalls of what this encounter may do to their nearly perfect world.

Many will never work together as long as greed has a say in the matter.

Greed can make a person selfish, pompous, mysterious and worse. It’s going to change the average person into an obsessive psychological monster. It’s going to eat at a persons’ moral framework, and potentially change the roots of what they normally are into something that could be highly undesired and unexpected.

So, in the end of this thread, I’d like to drive home the need to incorporate the 5 second rule.  I for one am NOT going to offer any help to the masses that are currently in the search since they aren’t willing to work with each other. I am not willing to post any comments on YouTube spammers who is using the efforts of many to produce lackluster videos of which many, end at a sixteen second mark, or looking for ego-testical hits and a potential TADA moment that should never happen. They spew out gibber and irrational thinking to anyone that is willing to listen to it. Those people should be one and done, Thumbs down.

So for those of you that need a sanity check, have a look at the only truly related meaning when it comes to trying to find Forrest Fenn’s treasure.