Still waiting on the Books……..

An update on the Collected Works Bookstore purchase of Forrest Fenn Books, The Thrill of the Chase and too far to walk.

Friday Morning, January 25th 2019, I wrote Dorothy, the owner at the Collected Works Bookstore and Coffee shop and inquired about my order of books. I emailed her and asked for an update to my order and I explained that I soon would be on travel. I also inquired about the change of policy after I had purchased the books and requested all of them be autographed. The policy has been changed to no more than two autographed copies of any book. Since the autographed editions are free, why not have an autographed version, as Mr. Fenn himself was kind enough to handle the book and add a signature.

Gift now when you can afford it. One day the ability to do so will not be there.

When I placed the book order, there was not any restrictions on the amount of autographed books that could be purchased. So, I requested that all be autographed. I wanted one copy each ( one of The Thrill of the Chase and too far to walk)  for my son, his girlfriend and myself. I planned on tucking away one autographed copy of The Thrill of the Chase for future use. Heck, I am the type of person that might just gift it away to a person that shows a strong honest passion about the adventure and simply cannot afford the book, but would be willing to help us with a solve. I have given many trinkets away in the past in the form of licensed MLB/NFL products to charities, such as We Promise Foundation, Edmarc Hospice for Children & Local Make a Wish office. In the case of the charities I am talking thousands of dollars. I don’t ask for much back in return, just that 100% of the proceeds from the item go to support the mission at hand. I also gift Steam purchased games for PC users.

Collected Works Bookstore and Coffee House IS a small business…

I have to remind myself that this bookstore is a small business and their tempo may not be as high strung as other places. The bookstore is something that has a limited number of employees and even more, a limited number of resources. But they have to realize that the bulk of the interest in these books have passed by. Add in the fact that The Thrill of the Chase copies were in stock, but the bookstore had to wait on the too tired to walk books to come in. Then, the bookstore has to set up an appointment with Mr. Fenn to come in and autograph these books. Mr. Fenn is no longer a spring chicken, and the ability to maneuver may be difficult at times. Finding an opportunity to either have him go to the bookstore to sign or, offer the bookstore to arrive at his house where he can sign books at his leisure would make more sense. Simply place a sticky on the appropriate page to make the opening of the book easier and an employee can either assist, or Mr. Fenn can complete this at his own pace, solo. Stack a handful in an acceptable area and make the books easy to take out of the boxes. leave the rest up to Forrest, with no deadlines.

His Autograph is worth something – kick it in to the Cancer Fund !

I honestly think that his autograph “means” something to the book owners. I think a nominal fee should be charged in the future for these autographs since the autograph sessions will become scarce as the calendar pages turn. Having collected autographs in my past, an average “Joe” can command between $20.00 to 40.00 on a book, and in my opinion, I think that is a pretty fair appraisal of Mr. Fenn’s autograph; heck it could even be more. In any event, the extra funds could quickly increase the Cancer Fund they have going. It will also deter the nefarious that want to take advantage of an autograph and gouge people even more, over pricing the books that they do on several third party websites. That’s just my two cents and I am sticking with it.

Hopefully I will get my seven books, all autographed as I desired. I will update this post when I get an update about the Forrest Fenn autographed books called The Thrill of the Chase and too far to walk. See my other posts for the official website to order the Forrest Fenn books directly from the Collected Works Bookstore and Coffee House.

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  1. Hello Ladies and Germs ! This is Mission Incredible with an update to the order status at Collected Works bookstore out of Santa Fe, NM where I purchased four copies of The Thrill of The Chase and three copies of too far to walk. I called the store a day or so ago and asked the shipping team for an update. I was glad to hear the Forrest Fenn Books were about ready to ship, and I may have them really soon. Soon we will be able to dive into the first two memoirs of Forrest Fenn and hunt for the subtle clues which will aid us in coming up with a decent solve.

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