so YOU say you found Forrest Fenn’s treasure…..

I don”t know what is worse, a really long and boring solve on YouTube or a comment from some one that claims to have found Forrest Fenn’s treasure.

Soon the Search for Forrest Fenn’s treasure will commence ! Maybe. 

I placed an order for autographed versions of The Thrill of the Chase and too far to walk on January 3rd 2019. As of January 19th they have not been shipped. So, in the mean time, I simply visit a few resources to see if any of them have any useful information, and honestly, they do not. Ok, OK, maybe there is one. He ( a hint) supplies a few PDF’s (another hint) about Forrest Fenn’s ramblings. Are they worthy of a read? I don’t know, yet. Will they help me? Heck, I don’t know probably not. Most of what I deem semi-important I already had in text form. Its smaller in size and easier to read.

This is the way I look at things. If you have any questions about your own solve whatsoever, it becomes an inaccurate solve. More than likely it is not going to get you close enough to the blaze, let alone the correct area to look for Forrest Fenn’s epic treasure.

Partly potential and highly improbable (and long winded) Forrest Fenn treasure solves, hints and clues.

There are more than a handful of people that have come up with a potential solution on YouTube and want to post a video on it. Or, ven yet, they have solved a potential clue(less) tidbit and offer it over a 20+ minute video. I can tell in the first two minutes that it’s probably far fetched. Why do they need 20-plus minutes to convince the world that its a far fetched, overly twisted and improbable conclusion? They are long and extremely boring. Viewers if they choose to listen to the twisted thoughts of one or more attendees, will see that they will talk about anything. I look at these creators simply wanting YouTube hits, some self satisfaction that they might be a self inflicted star.  If they have a video length over 20 minutes, they are probably trying to hedge YouTube into coughing up some funds for the voluntary squatters believing that some where on the video a very important clue will be revealed.  You listen to one potential solve or a potential clue is solved and it makes no sense what so ever. The people in front of the camera seem to be nodding, but they too have no clue where this treasure is. IF they did, they wouldn’t be “hype-pathetically” guessing and smiling on camera waiting for the 26th minute to come so they can close out and post another nonsense production.

Forrest Fenn has giving out a pretty decent amount of hints over the years and people are just unable to comprehend what he is saying. One has to realize that not everything he says is a clue or a hint.  Personally I think he is pretty bold when he mentions a hint in a post or an email.

Forrest Fenn took his time and hid the treasure in an area where the stereotypical searcher is going to write off that potential area because it doesn’t fit their potential solve.  It simply can’t be there because…….. Because YOU think its not in your solve location. He wouldn’t dare to have hid it there…. Is probably one of the most illogical thoughts that can be produced. I think that Forrest probably has a huge smile on his face as he ponders how long its going to take some one to find this elusive treasure, that potentially is located beneath everyone’s nose.

Don’t be naive and believe that anyone out there is going to give you their best thoughts when it comes to figuring out Forrest Fenn’s poem, locations or even hints. Some may offer a little bit of information that may make sense, but what most may be after is someone ( a viewer like you or random poster) offering them a different view on an area that they may be stuck at. If you post an idea to them, they might see it in a different way, and either have more info than you do, or gives them ANOTHER reason to fire up the pathetic video machine once more.  That random comment may place them on the trail once again ( or not) and one step closer ( or not) to the winning solve. I have not found one decent resource that offers the identification of any of the clues, let alone all nine, nor a majority of head nodders agreeing that a particular phrase is definitely a hint that points to the poem and the clues.

Forrest must chuckle to himself a lot about this. He knew greed would take over and people aren’t willing to share anything, let alone their potential solve and even a heck NO to sharing a portion of a 42 pound treasure.  No clue about non-disclosure agreements, potential agreements about sharing of wealth contracts, brain (?) storming, planning, logical thinking in groups, or spreading the wealth of any type per se. OK, MAYBE a couple of photogarphs, as long as they don’t give anything away ! I simply shake my head. The hunt for Forrest Fenn’s treasure is going on at least its 9th year and zippo results.

Don’t get me wrong ( I maybe right, TBD). I have a logical plan. And should I decide to quit mid-stride and not go on an adventurous journey in search of epic loot, I might ( don’t hold your breath) share how I would approach this mind bending ordeal. No promises, because I DO need another vacation, and I want to visit some where in the USA vice an overseas location. Heck, If I can find the box of treasure, I can afford to go on vacation almost any time I want, and share the journey of travels on here as well as – you guessed it – on You Tube.

so YOU say you found Forrest Fenn’s treasure…..

Speaking of YouTube……To those that visit the YouTube channels and the forums claiming to have found the treasure chest, there is a simple solution. All you would have to do is mail Forrest Fenn his bracelet back to him anonymously. Being that potential problem solver, getting his current address should be a breeze. If not, you can always send it to a location he has visited (bookstore, museum or otherwise) and he or a surviving relative can then tell the world it’s officially time to put the books on the shelf and store the search gear. 

Wear some gloves to reduce the chance of leaving a precious finger print or fragment of DNA. Paranoid they are going to find you out by your hand writing or postmark? Simply print the information off the web, and slap that on a padded envelope.  I assume that you are NOT putting a return address on the package…….Buy some common stamps (US postage stamps that is ), place too much postage on the package. Use tap water to moisten the stamps, don’t lick them. After the package is sealed, making sure none of your DNA is included within the package, or under tape, get in a vehicle (with the package) and drive a pretty good distance away (maybe 1+ hours, more if you live in the boonies) from your location. Find a post office and drop the package holding Forrest Fenns bracelet in an outside mail box and then go home. Being that potential problem solver, getting his current address should be a breeze. If not, you can always send it to a location he has visited (bookstore, museum or otherwise) and he or a surviving relative can then tell the world it’s officially time to put the books on the shelf and store the search gear.

Then you can sit and bask in your glee that you indeed have produced to the world that some anonymous person has indeed found the elusive Forrest Fenn treasure and the world’s experts will shred every potential probable, improbable and other possibility of who had found the treasure and gawk at any question where the loot was hid and then found.  Ok, it’s time to come on back to reality.

Until then, I will read the books (when they get here) with an open mind (do I need a can opener for that? ) and plan a visit to the (currently unknown, but popular) location should I solve the first two clues within Forrest Fenn’s poem.

OK Forrest, add me to that chuckle line as well.