Next travels – Sacremento, California then a Shine down Concert !

I am emotionally and physically recovering from the Valencia, Spain trip. When I returned, I had a few emails from friends I used to chat with in the game rooms. It has been a LONG time. I was distracted for almost 3.5 years and I will attempt to catch these people up on what I have been doing with my life since we last chatted.

Since I am on a roll with traveling, I just might be heading to California some time this year. I am not one for extreme heat, so it may well be in the fall. My goal will be to visit the Sacremento , California area. It will probably be for 8 days or so. I’ll have to firm up plans and look at room rates, places to see and a car rental.

If I am lucky, I’ll even spend some time with a few of these friends.

The other thing I want to do is attend a concert that is coming this way. Its the band Shine Down along with God Smack. Long ago, I seen God Smack when they toured with Metallica. That was a great show. I hope this one will be just as good.  My aim is to pick a local concert in the Virginia area and attend that, unless they are available when I go out to Sacremento, California. That would be a great combo there. I might even pay for all the tickets for us to go see the concert. That would be epic.

Stand by for an update to this story as it evolves.