Bittersweet ending to the Valencia Spain trip

“Morally Shattered”

This phrase is going to haunt me for a while. The usually busy phone lays silent. My sleep pattern is broken as well as parts of the body as they heal from the experience of the trip.

Although I may not make sense in what I am saying, the message is clear – if you decide to take a trip that is going to cost you much time, money and tug at your will, make sure the mind is clear before heading out.

Before went on the trip to Valencia, I knew some of the circumstances were before I departed. What did not help was the original flight to Valencia on March 02, 2018 was canceled due to extremely high winds. Let me tell you, that was one of the longest weekends of my life. All I had time for was to think about that phrase, “Morally Shattered”.  

That cancellation was potentially my way out of visiting the city of Valencia, and even knowing the fate of the circumstance, I decided to take the first available flight out on Monday 05 March 2018. This trip was bought and paid for on 28 November 2017, I was not going to let a setback allow me to travel and see some sights.

I am glad I went to see the sights, sounds and experience of Valencia. Sure, I wanted more, but fate changed with a single two or three word phrase.

I regret very much that it had to be a solo adventure, but I needed some down time. If you look through this site about the Valencia Spain daily blog, you’ll see I was out and about everyday except one which turned out to be a stormy ordeal in more than one way.

“Emotionally Fatigued”

Over the past year or so – it’s been a one hell of a year. The emotional roller coaster that was involved was mind shattering. I tried my best to offer myself and others as much moral support as possible. In the end, that almost superman human effort to keep the pace a positive one had emotionally drained me. Though this circumstance has almost closed the door, I refuse to quit. There is always hope that the efforts will allow this to come back 360 degrees and be a totally incredible experience. But, I am a realist, the odds are not good.

Taking the vacation to Valencia helped as a distraction. It offered some down time, at times allowing me not to think of this circumstance and allowed me to logically think through the issue. It’s not total closure. It’s not impossible. It can happen. Over the last year, its been an incredibly emotional adventure that I would not wish on my worst enemy – If I had one.

Although this not the departure of a life, It is like death. You know it is coming one day, and you can never prepare yourself for the outcome, no matter what. This circumstance is a long, long story which in the end I personally had no control over though try as I may. The outcome is what it is. Is there a chance that this circumstance will change over time? Sure, nothing is impossible, even though the odds are extremely low.

In due time, I will be healed from this trip and all that was involved.

Now that my mind is some what clear, no longer jet lagged and I can think logically again I will add a post about the pro’s, con’s and what I experienced with first time solo travels overseas to Valencia, Spain.

Be on the lookout for this post soon.