Hello Ladies and Germs ! Welcome to the Mission Incredible web site ! This this the official homepage for me, dubbed Mission Incredible. If you are looking for my video content, please visit Mission Incredible official Youtube website for all videos Mission Incredible style !

The Mission Incredible Youtube site is growing ! We have over 1150 members on the Youtube channel and I am humbled. I enjoy offering some content to help people learn, laugh and participate. Tell your friends and family to join the masses on my Mission Incredible Youtube site that is in the link above. I appreciate all the likes and subscribers.


Life in General

Couples that play together, stay together !
Couples that play together, stay together !

It is all about being yourself.  Respect plays a big part in your life. Life is simply too short, so make sure you have plenty of “Me” time.

The Mission Incredible Home page !

I enjoy playing a wide variety of Coop Survival games. I am NOT a big fan of PvP (player vs. player) since most of the times it’s simply riddled with cheats and hacks. Nothing more enjoyable than to have some fun gaming with friends and conquering a map, quest or objective. Into gaming with friends? Like Coop Survival Games? If you have NO VAC bans, can respect everyone in the group, share the wealth in game and play coop games, then the newly created Steam Group called “Coop Survival” may be for you. We reserve the right to allow or deny members in this group. We look forward to you joining the Coop Survival group in Steam. Come on, let’s play some games !

Join the Steam Group Coop Survival
Join the Steam Group Coop Survival


Its best to try to leave me a comment here on this website, or visit my You Tube Channel where I have over 1150+ subscribers and its growing !  Within You Tube, I attempt to answer as many questions and comments that I ca.. As far as emails and posts on this website, I will eventually get back to you, but I have many distractions in life. make sure you leave a valid email and I will attempt to answer your questions and comments.

Cheaters are going to Cheat and Haters are going to hate. No problem. Our objective is to play Coop Survival style games and enjoy the friendship and Teamwork involved. Within this site you will find some links to articles and game play that I have played. I enjoy finding quirks and glitches within games – it almost comes natural for me, and I do not mind passing these out to the world via You Tube. Within this site I’ll try to add a page, Best of Mission Incredible in the future, which will show some of the best tricks I have found within the Coop Survival games that I play.