The location of Forrest Fenn Treasure

It truly amazes me that people who failed to come up a with the location of Forrest Fenn’s treasure can be so vile. The location of Forrest Fenn’s treasure disclaimer – use at your own risk. For those of you still having the location of Forrest Fenn’s treasure pangs and want to figure this one […]

Forrest Fenn Autographed Books

Forrest Fenn Autographed Books: The Thrill of the Chase, Too Far to Walk and Once Upon a While. Forrest Fenn Autographed Books are under the SHOP area. I have taken photos of all books. They will be posted by Forrest Fenn’s birth date, time permitting. Additional Forrest Fenn Books will be available shortly. Please be […]

Bush Business Furniture solution

IMO, Bush Business Furniture is one of the best desk and office solutions out there. Let’s reel back to March 17th, 2020. My day time boss walked up to me and told me to make preparations to telework from home due to COVID-19. I knew it was coming. I had visited Bush Business Furniture online […]

The itch to travel once again…

COVID hampers the outdoor experience as a whole, but soon, a sense of “normal” will return. This past year has been sort of crazy to say the least. The rampid COVID-19 doesn’t want to go away. I visit on a regular basis in hopes they will see a significant dip in the amount of […]

Zombie Army 4 Dead War: 106 waves in Horde Mode

You are the most prepared for a situation when you know enough about the situation to be confident with your decisions and know what to do to assist in a situation that could turn the tide in your favor. Be yourself, bring your best and then let the game decide the rest! Ana & MissionIncredible […]

Day Two, Travels within Valencia, Spain

March 7th 2018Mostly clear, temp 62F. Today I woke about 0630 and I took a small nap to 0730. I then did took a long hot shower. I decided today was the day in which I was to find a breakfast shop and then after this, find a decent market to shop. I went downstairs […]

Travel Tips !

Originally posted on 26 March 2018 Some great traveling items when you are headed on travel. Here are the top travel items I had purchased. In this post I will try to help people who will be traveling to think about some of the pro’s and con’s of doing so. Although these travel tips may not […]

Day 4, Travels within Valencia, Spain

Part Two: The ancient Cathedral of Valencia, Spain After finishing up the Prehistoric Museum of Valencia, Spain I decided to venture out to another site. It is Friday March 9th. Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be scattered rain showers during the day and possible thunderstorms in the afternoon. Also to complicate the matters a […]

Day 3: Travels within Valencia, Spain

Today I woke up in the city of Valencia, Spain at 0630 to some one walking in high heels in the room above me. My immediate thought was it was a tapping at the door, but once my senses were good, I realized what it was. I got up and decided that today I will […]